The Weekly Measure: Google Update, Social Media Marketing, & Branding

The Weekly Measure: Google Update, Social Media Marketing, & Branding


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


Content Marketing Tips: Ingredients To Beefier Content [VIDEO]          content-marketing-tips-ingredients-header

Daniel Dannenberg of Vertical Measures created a video about content marketing tips for beefier content. According to the video, of the top 10% of the articles analyzed, longer content with a 3,000-10,000 word count received more shares than content with word count of 1000. Did you know posts that use images are, on average, shared by twice as many people than those without?

The Idiot’s Guide to Making a Video for Your Business

Mikal E. Belicove of Entrepreneur shares the idiot’s guide to making a video for your business. According to Belicove, online shoppers who view video are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase as nonviewers. Belicove suggests starting out by using your Smartphone camera, then upgrade to other cameras, also invest in inexpensive editing software for various devices and systems.

Great Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Content

Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures shares great storytelling tips to improve your content. Kuenn stresses the importance of storytelling to connect to your audience. Kuenn suggests you remember the essentials in storytelling, dissect your favorite stories, learn from the masters, discover new media, fascinate your audience, be honest, keep the audience’s interests in mind, & show your personality.


The GEO-Specific Ads Problem: How to Beat Google’s New Policy

Jaime Sikora of 3QDigital explains the problem with Geo specific ads under Google’s new policy. According to Sikora, this new policy affects major geo concentrations and geo-specific ad copy. The key to solving the geo-specific ads problem is to choose the targeted location under setting of your campaign.

3 Key PPC Metrics Are Lying to You. Find Out How

Sam Owen of Hanepin Marketing explains the 3 key PPC metrics that are lying to you. According to Owen, click-through-rate varies by device, weighs traffic from Google search vs. search partners, CTR is the product of multiple search queries, and some ads work better on the weekend. Along those lines, average position and average CPC vary.

7 Questions Your Boss Will Ask About Pay Per Click (PPC)

Jaime Hallitt of koozai shares 7 questions your boss will ask about pay per click. Hallitt answers what PPC actually is, how much it costs, does it work, how long does it take to set up, and more!

Unbounce and Keyword Machine: The Cool BFFs that Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The Folks at Keyword Machine share the cool BFFs that increase your website’s conversion rate. They suggest using Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement, Keyword Machine, and combining the two. Using these tools is suggested to increase click through rates and conversions.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Building Your PPC Account       5-questions-to-ask-yourself-when-building-ppc

Natalie Barreda of Vertical Measures shares 5 questions to ask yourself when building your PPC account. Barreda suggests figuring out what your organization’s goals are, common themes among services or products, have clean navigation through your account, plus more! According to Barreda, you should also consider what else to add other than just campaigns for products or services.


How To Use Social Media & Blogs For Powerful Call-To-Action Marketing

Danielle Wiley of Sway Group explains how to use social media & blogs for powerful call-to-action marketing. According to Wiley, consumers are becoming more trusting of brands and influencers when deciding on purchases. Discounts drive results, thus it is important to create a call-to-action, then offer a compelling incentive, and give consumer enough time to complete action. Wiley also suggests using giveaway contests wisely, getting creative with social media, following up with customers, and engaging customers pre-purchase.

Google+ Shows Life, Introduces Auto-Generating Stories And Movies

Martin Beck of Third Door Media shares the latest update from Google+ that introduces auto-generating stories and movies. Users will be able to combine photos, videos, and places to create an Auto Awesome story. According to Beck, users are also able to create animated GIFs on demand along with easier ways to share and store photos.

Macy’s Is the First Retailer to Run Facebook’s Auto-Play Video Ads

Lauren Johnson of ADWEEK shares the news of Macy’s being the first retailer to run Facebook’s auto-play video ads. According to Johnson, the ads are marked as promoted and auto-play for iPhone users as they scroll through out the app. In fact, users saw a few different ads available by swiping left to right.

B2B triples followers in a year with a steady stream of Twitter content

In an Brafton Editorial on Brafton Fuel Your Brand, explain how increasing your Twitter content can help build a brand. The team at Brafton devised a strategy to create a Twitter stream of 40 daily Tweets. The strategy saw Twitter growth triple over a year by ensuring an even amount of content about their brand.


Coming Up: The Biggest Google Update of the Year?

Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO shares observations about the biggest Google update of the year. According to Petrovic, warnings from Australia’s Algoroo has seen differences in algorithmic changes since May 17. Predictions point to a Panda update for another change in the linking realm of SEO according to Petrovic.

The Link Graph Conundrum: Why Citations Remain Crucial to SEO Survival

Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting shares thoughts on the link graph conundrum, and why citations remain crucial to SEO survival. Enge explains how the old spammy link building tactics of previous years have changed during present day. The best way for citations to remain crucial is to continue to gain natural link placements for SEO according to Enge.

How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaign

Neil Patel of KISSmetrics shares a graphic on how to calculate the ROI of your SEO campaign. The graphic breaks down ROI through awareness, research, preference, purchase, and loyalty/advocacy. The graphic also suggests comparing an average customer to a great customer, and how to proceed from there.

Google Rolls Out Panda 4.0 & Payday Loan 2.0 Updates

James Brockbank  of Search Engine Journal shares the latest updates from Google regarding Panda 4.0 & Payday Loan 2.0. According to Brockbank, Panda 4.0 is a “softer” update as it will now update monthly, and Payday Loan 2.0 is intended to target very spammy queries to cut down on excessive web spam.


How to Build Your Brand With Link Building

Jon Ball of Page One Power explains how to build your brand with link building. Ball suggests blog commenting, press releases, hosting an event, reverse image searching, guest contributions, and scholarships. Use natural SEO approaches with these tactics.

Leveraging Your Content to Build Links for You

Brandon Hassler of 97th Floor shares how to leverage your content to build links. Hassler suggests creating creative content is a much better than building links to mediocre blogs nobody really reads. Perform outreach to key influencers in your industry, then start to see links from others pointing to you.

How Helping Others Helps You…Get More Links

Derek Edmond of KoMarketing Associates explains how helping others helps you get more links. Edmond suggests offering free SEO assistance, offering to write something, create something, and help someone BEYOND the business norm.

“We’re no longer in the business of simply acquiring links for SEO. We’re making connections that ultimately help facilitate long-term, broader professional relationships.” – Derek Edmond, KoMarketing Associates

Why Link Building Will Not Die, Just Evolve

Barrie Smith of Receptional Ltd. explains why link building will not die, just evolve. According to Smith, link building has evolved over the years due to Google updates. This has caused link builders to broaden their skill sets. Link building is still valuable as the majority of traffic comes from organic search. Smith also stresses how the internet and your business relies on links.


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