The Best Internet Marketing Internships of 2014

The Best Internet Marketing Internships of 2014

Internships are a great first entry into the field of Internet marketing. What better way to learn and understand an industry than with hands on training from the experts. Here in Phoenix students have many opportunities, including at companies like ours.

An internship in Internet marketing can provide you with options for a diverse career path, not just in internet marketing. Our intern Michelle is currently involved in nonprofit work. She knew that Internet marketing was imperative for success in the nonprofit sector. Our intern Glen promotes concerts and shows at local venues since high school. He realized the needs to improve his knowledge of Internet marketing not only for his career but also for his entrepreneurial ventures.

Face it: students today are required to have skills that Internet marketers have, but in non-marketing roles. When curriculum does not currently meet the needs for the digital space, it’s necessary to utilize internships for that experience. Here are some of our top internship resources to get you started!

Marketing Internships

Employer Search

Who locally is doing great things in the field of marketing for their brand? Check out their website directly and see if any internship postings are listed. Reach out to hiring managers and ask if they have an internship program. Just because an internship isn’t posted doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. Think outside the box and get the internship of your dreams! Some great internships we’ve seen featured this year include those listed below by amazing brands and noteworthy companies.

  • Lyft offers a paid internship in cities such as Phoenix to become a Lyft Ambassador, working to promote their app and educate about their offerings.
  • Gengo is a Tokyo and San Mateo based start-up looking for design interns, marketing interns and more for their operations based in San Mateo, California.
  • Online shoe retailer is looking for Direct Online Marketing Interns and PLA/SEM Marketing Interns in their Las Vegas, NV location.
  • American Red Cross is currently accepting Brand & Creative Marketing Design Interns in their Washington D.C. offices.
  • The campaign is looking for User Experience Research Interns & Digital Engagement Interns in New York City.
  • CBS Interactive is currently accepting applications for 2015 Summer Business Interns in Irvine, CA.
  • In Atlanta, GA T-Mobile offers paid Marketing Internships.

More information can be found about these internships by conducting a search on found here

Internship Job Listings

The premiere resource for job seekers and professionals, LinkedIn provides listings for internships including those offered in the field of marketing across the entire U.S. It’s recommended that you sign up and fill out a profile prior to reaching out to employers, they are likely to seek out your information on LinkedIn regardless of which internship finder you use.

Pro: Largest database for professionals. Con: Lack of personalized experience.

Offers detailed information for interns looking to find the right opportunity on their own. Search for internships at the state level, city level and based on career niche. Simply sign up and start looking, they have a variety of paid and non-paid options.

Pros: Student resources, large list of categories, Internship Predictor, Interview Tips. Cons: Limited offerings in some cities, lack of personalized experience.

Employers looking for interns as well as interns themselves have opportunities on this site. Intern Match is set up as a portal to have employers search for the interns of their choice. Interns have a profile page listing their work and internship history, coursework and other skills they can offer to employers. They offer a specific page dedicated to 2014 marketing internships as well.

Pros: Employer and intern search, Forum for students, Resume templates, Intern blog, Featured partnerships. Cons: Limited amount of categories, limited database.

Traveling abroad is a dream for many students. Internships exist overseas as well and present an opportunity. Go Abroad shares international internships with students and world internships with a diverse offering.

Pros: Customized internships, international internships, student resources. Cons: Limited to only international internships.

Idealist allows individuals and companies to post internships and volunteer opportunities across the U.S. Over 100,000 organizations currently utilize Idealist to post their jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Pros: internships and volunteer, non-profit focused, student resources. Cons: Limited database.

Find internship opportunities directly on Monster, a great resource for finding a job as well as an internship. Their dedicated education section has internships, a school finder, guides and articles about internships as well.

Pros: Large number of postings, dedicated opportunities, internship guides. Cons: Not focused on internships.

This employment search engine accepts internships as well, adding to the more than 6 million open jobs they feature each year. Paid and non-paid internships are featured on the site along with other full-time and part-time jobs.

Pros: Large number of postings, diverse internships listed. Cons: Lack of personalized experience, not focused on internships.

Similar to Simply Hired, Indeed is a search engine for jobs and lists specific internships as well. Its simple platform is easy to search for resumes, post jobs and find internships as well.

Pros: Large number of postings, diverse internships listed. Cons: Not solely focused on internships.

College and career planning are the core of For students interested in internships, the site offers tips about landing the right internship, a database of opportunities and resume tips.

Pros: Student resources, career opportunities beyond internships. Cons: Limited database.

Over 3,000 employers utilize the site to post information about their internships. The company offers guaranteed internship opportunities. Students spend summers living with other students from around the world.

Pros: Guaranteed internships, student resources. Cons: Requires payment, limited database.

Local Arizona Colleges & Universities Job Boards

Many businesses and organizations will utilize a school’s own internship job board to post information. If you’re currently looking for an internship start with your own school’s site. For those in Arizona below is information about several edu job boards across the state.

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