The Best Higher Education Marketing Resources

The Best Higher Education Marketing Resources

Marketing in higher education can be challenging due to the highly-regulated nature of the industry. Despite these challenges, however, digital marketing has emerged as an essential tool for the space, as it can greatly assist recruitment and retention efforts. Here’s our list of the best higher education case studies, blogs, webinars, end of the year conferences, guides, interviews, and more!

Upcoming Higher Education Conferences

HighEdWeb – October 21-24th 2018 – Sacramento, CA

A marketing conference created by and for higher education digital professionals. Hosted by the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, this conference offers four days of presentations for university developers, managers, marketers, writers, and designers to gain insights about the current digital trends and issues facing colleges and universities.

AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education – November 4-7th 2018 – Orlando, FL

This annual American Marketing Association conference gathers industry leaders for several enriching keynotes and sessions along with opportunities to network with 1,200+ other higher education marketing professionals. Prepare to uncover how to engage your target audience, manage high scale social media efforts, and market programs.

Higher Ed Social Media Conference – November 28th, 2018 – Online

An exclusive online conference put together by The event is designed to give higher education professionals a place to trade insights and trends in advanced social media strategies for Instagram Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Best Higher Education Blogs, Webinars & More

Inside Higher Ed: Digital Learning

As a well-known publication, Inside Higher Ed, offers career advice and industry news focused on technology and online learning, and more. We especially like the digital learning section of the blog, because it focuses on marketing online programs.

Ed Net School of Thought 

This education marketing blog covers topics on email marketing, digital advertising, and social media. Be sure to read the weekly “EdScoops” for the latest news in education market trends, industry, and marketing tips.

Screenshot from a recent EdScoops

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool and blog that’s a great resource for all marketing professionals. The blog covers topics on social media strategies, engagement, and content marketing. As a higher education marketing professional, I’ve really enjoyed their “Scholarly Guide to Higher Education Marketing” which explores common expectations, challenges, and tactics of higher education marketing. Their insights on how to approach and overcome digital communication challenges, manage brand reputation, create user-generated content, are among our favorites!

Brand Bound

Brand Bounce is an education marketing blog published by EMG Online. Here, you’ll find insights and case studies on a variety of topics from paid media, social media management, mobile optimization, to public relations in higher education.

Education Dynamics

Education Dynamics is an enrollment management service and has a great webinar library for marketers. The site boasts best practices for digital marketing strategies related to higher education. Webinar subjects include the student’s customer journey, marketing analytics, international recruitment strategies, and more. This is a notable higher education marketing resource that you don’t want to pass up!

Screenshot from Education Dynamics' webinar library

Bob Johnson’s Blog

This blog is a great resource for higher education marketing but focuses mostly on online marketing. With regular newsletters, the site does an impressive job of curating some of the industry’s best content in one place.

The TargetX blog

A great source for best practices detailing social technology in the higher education space, admissions marketing, and student engagement. You’ll find insightful recruitment and enrollment infographics, eBooks, and reports throughout the blog as well.

Screenshot from Target UX Infographic

Carnegie Dartlet

Carnegie Dartlet provides higher education marketing and enrollment solutions with marketing news and insights. You’ll find an array of topics including social media, SEO, user experience (UX), voice search, and paid media. Their webinar section is also valuable if you prefer video content.

Modo Blog

Interested in mobile application development for higher education? The Modo Blog focuses on creating mobile applications in every area of higher education, from the student admission process, to special events, to emergency communication on mobile devices.

Screenshot from Modo Blog

Hannon Hill

Known for their content management systems, the Hannon Hill blog is known for its expert contributions. This is an excellent resource for useful information on content management and marketing. Gain insights into common challenges marketers face in higher education, from understanding your audience to content distribution. Hannon Hill also distributes a number of industry case studies and white papers such as The Trends in Higher Education for 2018.

Direct Development – The Higher Ed Marketer

This is a great site for higher education inbound marketing process. The blog is exclusively for higher education marketers and explores a wide variety of topics related to the inbound marketing process. You’ll also learn about trends in video & content marketing, social media targeting, recruitment and enrollment marketing, as well as web design at the university level.


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