Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas [VIDEO]

Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas [VIDEO]

Generating ideas for content marketing can be tricky sometimes, and you may find yourself hitting a creative wall. Use the 6 ways outlined in this video to brainstorm and develop content ideas so you can make sure to keep your creative juices flowing.


During the brainstorm process, it can be easy to hit a brick wall. If your brainstorm session has reached a dead end, here are some creative ways to generate fresh ideas that your audience will love.


This strategy creates a visual representation of related terms and ideas that can generate creative content ideas.  Create a diagram with a central, main idea that you can branch off to correlating words or concepts. Use the web of information in the diagram to help you generate a well-rounded view on single or multiple ideas.


  • Central Idea: Video blog posts for University
  • Types of videos > Categories > Documentary > Behind the Scenes > Interview > Instructional

Right Braining:

Release your creative thoughts by doodling incomplete images. Think of a general topic to doodle from and start sketching images associated to that topic. Be sure to draw images that are incomplete, as leaving out portions or aspects of an image can spark creativity later. Then take your different images and try combining them in different ways to generate a new idea.


  • General Topic: Social Media
  • Doodles: Post it, Phone, Tweet, Like, Pinning, Sharing, Chart
  • Solution: “How to receive social media stats on your mobile phone.”

Break and Build

his process is about breaking down and building up ideas to get a range of related information. Break down a general thought or idea into more detailed pieces of information, or do the opposite and build it up to reach a broader viewpoint. In the end, your solution can be based on the wide range of information from the process.


  • Break Down: Image Optimization> Webpage Optimization>Website Optimization
  • Build Up: Image Optimization> Keywords>Alt Tag / File Name
  • Solution: “How optimized images as content can affect a webpage.”

Pessimist Vs. Optimist  (or maybe just “Versus?”)

Find a creative solution for ideas from the conversation between a pessimist and an optimist. Start off a general topic of conversation with the phrase “How about…”  Then challenge the starting comment with a pessimistic response, followed by the optimist providing his answer to the pessimist’s comment.  By building upon each others responses,  general idea can evolve into a more focused, relevant one.


  • How About:  How about.. Lets release an Infographic.
  • Pessimist: We do not know how to design an infographic.
  • Optimist: We can hire an Infographic Designer.
  • Pessimist:  We do not have any ideas for him to design.
  • Optimist: We can research ideas and hand him an outline.
  • Solution:Insight into the pre-planning process of infographics.”


Find the connection between a random word or thought and a general topic to develop a new creative idea! First, start with a general idea. Next, generate a random object and list words that describe it or are associated with it. Last, pick the words from your list that can relate back to your general idea to form your solution.


  • General Thought: Graphic Design
  • Random Word: Butter
  • Associated Words to Random Word: Melts, Greasy, Fatty, Yellow, Shiny, Solid, Cold, Warm, Salty, Rectangular, Spreadable, Dairy
  • Word Connecting Back to the General Thought: Warm
  • Solution: “Warm colors used in 2013 designs.”

The next time you hit a brick wall, try using these creative development methods to make brainstorming for your content ideas a more fun, imaginative process, with better solutions.

Daniel Dannenberg

Daniel Dannenberg is the Creative Manager at Vertical Measures, providing the company with his design knowledge on branding, illustration, UX and information graphics. +Daniel Dannenberg