Should I Outsource My Social Media? [VIDEO]

Should I Outsource My Social Media? [VIDEO]

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Mike Huber answers: “Should I Outsource My Social Media?”

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Many businesses are considering using social media to build their brand awareness and authority for their websites. They’re also looking at their internal resources in trying to decide if they can mount a full-on campaign. So, we’re often asked question, “Should I outsource my social media?”

Well, in order to answer this question the first thing you want to do is look at your products and services and try to determine which are the most appropriate social media channels. Once you do that, then you want to try to consider what content and frequency will I need to be able to the effective? With that content, is it just going to be writing? Is it going to be video? Are you going to create images? Do you need coding for contests?

So, do I have the internal resources to create and maintain the campaign? Many companies feel reluctant to turn over their social media marketing to
someone who has a limited knowledge of their company and/or their products and services. They balance that with the limited resources that they have internally. So, they try to determine for themselves, “Do I do it internally or do I outsource it?”If you’re a company in that position, you might want to think of three separate scenarios:

The first scenario is that you do the social media marketing yourselves. One of the advantages of that is that you incorporate this expertise into your company’s own DNA. So you really own it as a proprietary method within your company. The downside to that is you may not have the expertise that an outside agency has. So, you might be a little bit slower to start and you also might fumble through some of the communication and the messaging that you give to your consumers.

The second scenario to consider is a limited approach, where you do some of the social media marketing and then you outsource some of that to the agency. In order to do this, one of the things that you want to make sure that you do is clearly define the roles of your company and the role of the agency. With this limited interaction you might also consider to just have the agency create the strategy for you where you actually do the implementation. Then finally using an agency as unlimited resource, you might just want to have them create the content. A lot of agencies can create compelling content, which gives you the opportunity to publish on a frequent basis.

Then the third scenario is to outsource it entirely. What you do in that scenario is you actually let the agency who are the experts and social media take care that, where you are the expert at your company’s business and your core competencies. So, they do what they’re good at and you end up doing what you’re good at. The caveat here is to make sure that you hire a reputable agency and that you look after all of the things that they’re doing for you. Really what you want to do is inspect what you expect from them that you actually create the tactical steps for your social media campaign.

A lot of companies make the mistake of creating a strategy, but they don’t take that next step and break that strategy into tactical steps. Those tactical steps actually help define the resources, the frequency, and the kind of content that they’re going to publish in their social media channels.

Mike Huber

As the Director of Business Strategy at Vertical Measures, Mike Huber works with potential clients to determine if they are a good fit for our team's expertise and capabilities. He's constantly on the phone or exchanging emails that are full of ideas and thoughtful recommendations based on the potential client's current situation. Mike has a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising. Starting out in newspaper advertising, he has seen the transformation of print to digital. For the past 15 years, he has been involved in online marketing, developing extensive PPC programs and organic SEO tactics, resulting in a significant growth, traffic, and revenue for clients. Mike is an accomplished public speaker and presents frequently on advertising and online marketing topics. When he's not at work, you can find him out fly fishing, hiking or enjoying his log cabin in the mountains north of metro Phoenix. + Mike Huber