Really Simple Syndication vs. Really Simple Socialization

Really Simple Syndication vs. Really Simple Socialization

rssIs Twitter the new RSS? Seems things are starting to go that way. Where do you get your news from? Many of us in the past have utilized RSS feeds but a recent Forrester Research study found that only 9% of U.S. online adults are using these feeds on a monthly basis. Many have suggested that RSS feeds are a "Web 1.0 tool" that failed to catch on the same way Facebook and Twitter have. Why? 

Well for starters, RSS isn’t really that simple. Organizing is a pain, and keeping up with the information just seems impossible. Don’t forget the fact that there is no weight given to each specific blog post or article, so how are you suppose to determine which story is the most valuable when browsing news quickly? I suppose knowing it is coming from a trusted source is a good indication, but with sites like Facebook and Twitter you can see others impressions of the content quickly and easily to determine this.
Google’s recent post on their blog about RSS feeds answered the question: what great stuff should I read? This is likely their attempt to bring some people back to Google Reader which uses RSS feeds. They’ve compiled a list of the resources their Power Readers utilize. The power readers consist of: journalists, fashion critics, techies, foodies and more. But many are finding that RSS just isn’t cutting it, and they are turning to Twitter for all of their information.
twitter-signTwitter is a social way of getting the news. Many news outlets have started publishing content on Twitter, and oftentimes breaking news is posted here first. Following @Breaking News, @NYTimes, @Reuters, @CNN, @MSNBC, @CBSNews, @LaTimesNews, and others are just a few ways to stay connected. Even industry related topics are quickly available for your reading pleasure: just find the heavy hitters in your industry and follow their tweets. They are sure to pass on great information before you have the time to search it out.
Twitter also allows you to talk about the news with your friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers you’ve never met. This socialization factor is something that RSS can’t even come close to replicating. Socialization is the key to getting and keeping the attention span of our modern internet users. 

Where do you get your news? 

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