Our Five Best Free Guides: Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, Content Promotion, The Future of Content & Content Quick Start

Our Five Best Free Guides: Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, Content Promotion, The Future of Content & Content Quick Start

We have brought together our five most informative guides related to internet and content marketing in one download…and it’s quite the package! The collected guides are information rich and full of numerous resources, checklists, workbooks and more that will help you accelerate your internet marketing efforts. They explore the definition of content marketing, provide predictions for the future of content, and dive into strategies behind social media ads, promotion and content brainstorming.

Internet Marketing How-to Guide

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Here’s some information on what’s inside each of the guides.

What is Content Marketing?

What-Is-Content-Marketing-CircleThis guide pulls together contributions from internet and content marketing experts to help readers better understand the overall process and how it can help achieve desired business goals. The numerous aspects of content marketing covered include:

  • The definition of content marketing
  • What content marketing is for the customer
  • How to grow your business with content marketing

Facebook Ads Guide

Facebook Ads Targeting GuideFacebook Ads have the ability to target specific groups of prospective customers, which makes it a crucial promotional tool for companies seeking to sell a product or idea. This guide includes an amazing resource that lists all 1,060+ taxonomy targeting options in an Excel spreadsheet. We don’t know of another resource like this and we’re pretty proud of the hard work that went into creating it! This guide also helps readers:

  • Set up, organize, and amplify the success of ad campaigns
  • Look at the key insights to get a full picture of ad performance
  • Create custom ad sets through strategic targeting

Beginner’s Guide to Content Promotion

Beginner's Guide to Content PromotionPromotion is one of the most powerful ways to reach new customers and is vital to the success of a piece of content. Intended to address a negative trap that many brands and marketers fall into, this guide addresses how to put the “marketing” back into content marketing. The key takeaways from the step-by-step guide include:

  • How to create effective and integrated content promotion strategies across multiple platforms
  • How to create great content from the get-go
  • What platforms are most effective for promotion

Future of Content Marketing

Future of Content MarketingThe future of content marketing is examined with predictions and insights from industry leaders such as Arnie Kuenn, Robert Rose and Andy Crestodina. Also included is a list of 40+ content marketing items to remember, grouped into “The Ultimate 2015 Checklist for Your Content Marketing.” This fifteen page guide covers:

  • A look back to move forward
  • Convince your boss. Convince your team
  • The ultimate 2015 checklist for your content marketing

Content Marketing Quick Start

Content Marketing Quick StartIn addition to walking readers through the steps critical to formulating and implementing a fast, efficient content marketing launch, this guide doubles as a DIY workbook packed with over 25 pages of prompts and fill-in-the-blank sections, plus room for writing and notes that can be used individually or in group brainstorming sessions. Some of the guiding principles covered are:

  • How to set company content goals
  • Evaluating target audiences and creating personas
  • Pinpointing authoritative keywords and coming up with topic ideas
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