Oh, The Horror! Content Marketing Halloween Dub Lessons

Oh, The Horror! Content Marketing Halloween Dub Lessons

Happy Halloween week! We’re taking a break from our regularly programmed content plan to have a little creepy fun with you all. Some of our team members had a good time dubbing over some cringeworthy scenes from classic horror films…with content marketing lessons of course!

Lesson #1: Use Google Suggest for Ideation

Whenever we need more brain juice for our content cocktails, we go straight to the source: Google! The power of Google Suggestions for topic ideation can make traffic and the search spiders go from a crawl to full sprint towards your content.

Looking to shape shift away from your human shell this Halloween? Start typing in “how to turn into” and Google will suggest some options! The best part about these suggestions is other people are looking for these searches too so you know you’ll be able to find a coven, pack, or grotto for your new shape…or maybe just some well researched content ideas.

Google Suggest

Want to learn more about the content ideation process? Here’s some resources:

Lesson #2: Mobile Is Essential

Mobile searches have increased 60% in 2015 from last year, so it’s important to optimize for a mobile audience who can feast on your ads and content. And of course, it goes without saying that you must have a mobile friendly site design so you don’t frighten away the Googlebots because of your hideousness. Invite them in with soothing responsive CSS and excellent user experience, and then throw away the key…forever.

More resources on mobile optimization:

Lesson #3: The Only Way to Survive is with Content Variety

Don’t let your audience die off from ghoulish blog posts stuck on repeat. Bring them back from the dead through a variety of  repurposed content like articles, infographics, free guides, lists, presentations, videos and more!

Get educated on content variety strategies with these resources:

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