My Experience as a Vertical Measures Intern

My Experience as a Vertical Measures Intern


We just recently re-launched our Intelligent Internet Marketing Internship in order to bring in interested and promising new students and recent graduates into our ever changing industry and learn the Vertical Measures approach. We are currently interviewing hopeful candidates interested in a wide range of topics from SEO to content marketing and digital strategy. Upon our re-launch of the program, we are taking a look back (and forward) to one of our most successful internships stories.

Dan Dannenberg, our extremely talented graphic designer, started off in our internship program and just celebrated his 3 year anniversary with Vertical Measures this past week. Dan has been an integral member of our team in many ways, from forging ahead with our innovating infographics, creating award winning motion graphic videos, and never missing a chance to bring a creative and fun atmosphere to our offices. I sat down to ask him a few questions about his experience at Vertical Measures, from intern to graphic designer extraordinaire.


1. What drew you to the internship with Vertical Measures a few years ago?

I was pretty passionate about information design while a Visual Communication student at ASU and I believe that became very clear through my work and ambition with infographics. To make a long story short, I heard through a professor that was a friend of a friend that worked at a “digital marketing place,” that they were looking for an infographic design intern.

2. How do you feel the internship at Vertical Measures helped you in your career as a graphic designer?

By largely being able to focus on infographics with VM from the very the beginning, I was able to fine tune my design skills in typography, visual hierarchy, illustration, and branding. That mixed with the volume of work, creative freedom on projects as well as a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, it really created a great fit for an internship, but also for creative growth as a designer.

3. What takeaways did you receive from your internship at Vertical Measures?

Besides expanding on my design skills, I gained great organization abilities, communication skills – both verbal and written, the understanding of the power of mind maps in brainstorming, and the reliance on a solid team to create a fine-tuned final project deliverable. These were all key takeaways in my eyes.

4. What tips do you have for college students or recent graduates looking to find an internship and make the most of it?

Do not be narrow in your conquest for the “right job,” trying to get something that meets your every expectation. Be flexible, open to change, and look for a job where you can be creative in what you do. I graduated and expected myself to be working at a design firm, but I landed a design job at a digital marketing company. Now, I have gained knowledge in marketing, social media, and SEO, and how they all relate to my design projects. So in the long run I took an unexpected path, but it took me to a very rewarding and happy outcome. So again, be broad in your search and be willing to try new things related to your expertise.

5. What opportunity did your internship create for you in your career?

The biggest thing was that it created more opportunities in different design mediums. For example, we started off by just offering infographics, but now we offer datagraphics, free guides, videos, promotional print materials for our nationwide content marketing training and workshops. By stretching out our creative wings, we have really expanded what we can offer and in the long run, it has really created more knowledge for me in different areas of design.

Internship-Now6. What final words of advice do you have for students who decide to apply for the internship here at Vertical Measures?

It’s more of a fast-paced industry than some would expect, so you’re kept on the edge of your seat. So be welcoming to change! Also, be open to a creative atmosphere where our creativity puts us on the front-lines and as leaders in our industry. Lastly, be able to collaborate. The thing I love the most about VM is that the owners treat us all like we are a big family that happens to work together. So working on an individual level is important, but more importantly you are an important piece of a puzzle where teamwork is key.

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Kaila Strong

As Senior Director of SEO Services, Kaila oversees both the SEO department and our Internet Marketing Strategists. She works with our expert team to uncover SEO strategies, develop link building campaigns, conduct competitive analysis, review Google penalties, execute backlink analysis and train peers on SEO fundamentals. +Kaila Strong