The Weekly Measure: Mobile-First Content, Tracking PPC ROI & Local SEO Tips

The Weekly Measure: Mobile-First Content, Tracking PPC ROI & Local SEO Tips

The Weekly Measure is a weekly round-up content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building industry news brought together from around the web. In addition to keeping our reader’s up-to-date on internet marketing news, updates and innovations, we include a continually updated schedule of conferences from around the world featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures. Check back with the Weekly Measure each Friday, and keep a constant eye on the Vertical Measures blog, to keep yourself in the loop of the ever-changing internet marketing landscape.

Content Marketing

How to Think Mobile-First for Your Content Marketing Strategy

how-to-think-mobile-first-for-your-content-marketing-strategy Jeff Hinkle wrote on the Vertical Measures blog about focusing on a “mobile-first” approach to content marketing. He first defines the tactic, then moves into how to incorporate it into one’s content efforts and measure successes. At the end of his post, he provides a link to Vertical Measures’ free content marketing strategy template.

Is Your Content Stolen? Here’s What You Can Do

Greg Secrest offered up advice on how to handle stolen content on Search Engine Journal. Secrest guides readers in how to seek out and terminate duplicate content to avoid harmful Google penalties.

Paid Search

Calculate Your PPC ROI From Conversion to Sale [INFOGRAPHIC]

calculate-your-ppc-roi-from-conversion-to-saleWilliam Campbell made a post containing an infographic on calculating PPC ROI on the Vertical Measures blog. The infographic tracks the PPC journey from conversion to sale in order to foster a greater understanding of the subject that can lead to increased ROI. Also included is a link to Vertical Measures’ free guide titled “How to Track Revenue from PPC Leads to Offline Sales.”

Google has Banned Payday Loan PPC Ads, but who Benefits?

Graham Charlton examined Google’s recent decision to heavily restrict, and — in most cases — outright ban ads for payday loans on Search Engine Watch. Graham muses on Google’s reasoning behind this move and who ultimately benefits from the new restrictions.

Social Media

A Visual Guide to the Science of Twitter Success [Infographic]

Erik Devaney published a visual guide to being successful on Twitter via HubSpot. The guide covers the most popular reasons behind why businesses use the social platform and how to craft the perfect tweet to get the most out of them.

How Five Early-Adopter Brands are Using Facebook Live

Arik Hanson looked at early-adopter brands of Facebook’s still fairly new Live feature on his blog. He examines how five big brands have used the feature, their successes and what they can do differently in the feature to continue and improve upon their wins.


How to Write Meta Title Tags for SEO (with good and bad examples)

Christopher Ratcliff posted on Search Engine Watch about writing proper meta title tags for SEO. Ratcliff goes through the basics of how the tags work, where to place them and a checklist of items to be sure to include in their structure. He also lists good and bad examples to drive the lesson home.

Unique and Effective Local SEO Tips for Local Businesses

Ronald Dodd wrote about local SEO on Small Business Trends. He elaborates on six tactics small businesses can implement to obtain new levels of organic search traffic.

Link Building

5 Ways to Maintain your SEO Ranking

The topic of discussion on Daniel Faggella’s column on Search Engine Land was how to maintain one’s SEO ranking. Placing a heavy emphasis on links, Fagella also stresses the importance of site updates, increasing site speed and building a social media presence.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Earning Enough Links

Samuel Edwards posted on Entrepreneur about the reasoning why link earning efforts may be lagging. He digs into the five main reasons why earned links may be stagnate and how to beef up one’s efforts.

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