Improve Search Engine Placement with Website Publicity

Improve Search Engine Placement with Website Publicity

One of the easiest ways to improve search engine placement is to use press releases. It sounds old-fashioned, but press releases remain a tried and true way to publicize your website. The fact that press releases have been around long before the emergence of the Internet doesn’t mean they aren’t amazingly effective. Why? Because they’ve morphed and changed right along with the Internet.

Think about it – just like news agencies, the lowly press release has evolved to fit the marketplace. Where news was once garnered by the public primarily from newspapers and magazines, then radio and television, today people can choose from a wide variety of sources for their news, including a vast array of sources on the web, including news outlets like CNN, Reuters and MSNBC, tailored news feeds via RSS services, local websites, personalized blogs and dozens of other sources. In the same way, you can tailor your press releases to improve your search engine placement and guarantee that they will be picked up by a wide variety of news and media outlets.

Optimizing Press Releases for Maximum Impact

There are several ways to spread your press releases all over the Internet. The key is to make sure you hit a variety of markets and distribute them across a wide range of sources and interests. You should also be sure to distribute them in a variety of ways. For instance:

• Don’t neglect traditional press release venues. Fax and mail your press releases to newspapers and magazines. After all, people still read the daily paper and enjoy relaxing with a magazine with a cup of coffee. You never know when they’ll see your company or website featured and the next time they log in, they’ll check you out. Focus on the local angle to entice media in your area and tailor it to the universal appeal for larger outlets. A few extra minutes spent personalizing your press releases can make a huge difference.

• Be sure to target any RSS services and newswires that are specific to – or related to – your industry. Do you have a fabulous new engineering tool? Then send press releases to any industry services that provide RSS feeds that are specific to engineering, technical services or the sciences. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your press release is picked up and appears on sites around the world.

• Go directly to the source – the magazines and media themselves. Aim high. Don’t be afraid to submit your press releases directly to the big guys. If you get picked up by CNN or Popular Science, you can bet you’ll soon be picked up by almost everyone else. There’s a viral effect that’s amazing on stories in the news.

• Bloggers are a great way to improve search engine placement through press releases. These guys love to break a new and interesting story that’s related to something they are passionate about. If you are familiar with the writings of some popular and influential bloggers, by all means send them your press releases. These bloggers can create real buzz about your press release and generate interest that will result in your PR being picked up by media sources. You may also be contacted by others who request additional information.

The power of a press release, rather than being diminished by the advent of the Internet, has increased. You simply have to know how to use them properly. Adjusting your thinking and understanding how to use a press release in the new marketplace means that your press releases can be powerful tools to your success and lead to improved search engine placement.

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