How to Use HubSpot Campaigns with Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Use HubSpot Campaigns with Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

We won’t lie – digital marketing can be complicated. Do you ever throw out the words segmentation, workflows, funnel, personas, A/B testing, etc. to a marketing newbie or someone not in the field? You’re often met with blank stares. This is unfortunate because these terms and everything that comes with them can be extremely powerful in making sure you get a positive ROI on your content marketing efforts.

To make your efforts simpler and more streamlined, marketing automation software is often the solution. Our weapon of choice is HubSpot, which was built on the foundation of inbound marketing, or what we call content marketing. It’s a centrally focused campaign management software that helps marketers be smart about their choices, who they’re talking to, and how they’re talking to them. It provides insights on a prospect’s journey all along the way to becoming a customer.

One of the best features of HubSpot is “Campaigns,” a centralized dashboard that pulls in all of your efforts around a certain content piece like a free guide, webinar, etc. and shows you just what worked and didn’t work. In this infographic, we outline the journey of a content piece through all the different elements within an inbound marketing campaign.

Hubspot Campaigns with Content Marketing

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