How To Set Up Your Own Video Studio For $90 Or Less [VIDEO]

How To Set Up Your Own Video Studio For $90 Or Less [VIDEO]


Our very own Mike Huber talks about how you can set up a great video studio for less than $90 that will get you on your way to creating quality content for your website and your blog. Set up your studio today: shop for your microphone, tripod, and lighting, and download the editorial calendar to schedule your videos and get rolling with creating great content!

Please note when we purchased the lighting kit it was on sale for $57.24. Since then, the price has gone up dramatically for this particular lighting set. Don’t fret as there are a number of other inexpensive lighting kits that will work nicely. There are 3 listed below. Do a bit of research and find what fits your budget and your needs.

Limo Studio 800 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Softbox Video Light Kit and Carry Case

Limo Studio Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W

Cowboystudio Photography/Video Portrait Umbrella Continuous Triple Lighting Kit


Hi everyone, Mike Huber here from Vertical Measures. More and more, content is becoming important to drive traffic to your website. That constant publication of content is really important, and one of the easiest ways to publish content is through video. But there are some common misperceptions about video, and one of them is that video is really, really expensive.

I’m here to tell you that you can actually set up your own video studio for $90 or less. The way that you’re going to do that is to use your iPhone or other smartphone, and then the three items that I’m going to tell you about, you can actually use with your phone to set up a real good quality video studio.

So you need three items in addition to your phone. Number one is you need an off-camera microphone. The second thing you need is actually a tripod to hold your camera or your iPhone with, and then the third thing is you need video lighting for your studio.

So let me walk you through the three items. We’ll talk about what they are, what the prices are, and then how you can put all that together for a quality video studio.

Number one is your off-camera microphone. This microphone is actually a Bluetooth microphone. It’s really easy to set up. You just go to your settings on your phone and you pair it with your phone. It gives you the advantage to be away from your phone, where your phone is stable so you don’t get that extra noise. It’s really easy to use. Just clip it on your lapel, or, in this case, we’ll just put it on my pocket.

The second thing that you need is actually a tripod for your camera. We like this one because it’s small. We’re going to use it on our desktop. It’s got legs where you can do extension so you can adjust the height.

The other thing that we really liked about this tripod is that it’s adjustable. A lot of people who have smartphones they also have cases. If you look at some of the tripods out there, you’ve got to take your phone out of the case in order to use it. With this particular one, you just slide it into the clamp right there, and it’s that easy.

So we’ve got the microphone, we’ve got the tripod. In addition to that, you also want to have some really good lighting. For most people, if you’re sitting in your office, you’ve got fluorescents, and they don’t produce the best quality lighting for a good video shoot.

So what we did is we looked for a lighting kit that was inexpensive but of really good quality. We found one from LimoStudio that actually includes two light setups, and it comes with a nice umbrella with a filter so you can do soft lighting. It actually comes with the lights themselves, which are generally pretty expensive by themselves. Then the third thing they come with are the tripods that go with the lights.

What we’re going to do now is we’re going to put this together as a setup because, obviously, I’m showing you the items here, and we’re not using them for the video. We’re going to use the items I showed you and then come back and show you how good the quality of video is and how good the sound is with this $90 video setup.

This is Mike again, and we’re back with the $90 video studio setup. As you can see, the quality of the video and the sound is really excellent. It’s something that you can do to produce content on a regular basis for your blog or for your website.

As you start to produce that content, what you might want to do is go to this link below and download the Vertical Measures’ editorial calendar. What the calendar will do is help you set up and plan all of the content that you’re going to produce with your new video studio.

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