How to Improve Your Customer’s Journey for More Leads & Business

How to Improve Your Customer’s Journey for More Leads & Business

The digital customer’s journey is the process your audience goes through to purchase a new product or service. While different marketers have their own detailed versions of the customer’s journey, Vertical Measures considers four key benchmarks:

  • Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem.
  • Consideration Stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it.
  • Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.
  • Advocate Stage: Lead becomes a loyal customer that helps promote your brand.

Follow along this interactive timeline as we watch Sam Walden, a marketer from Nashville, Tennessee, begin his own customer journey and research options to go back to school and advance his career. We’ll follow him from the beginning, starting with his initial research about education options, and ending after he successfully enrolling into a MBA program and becoming an advocate for the university.

You can skip ahead or forward at any point to see the different touch points along his journey, covering all elements of a holistic digital marketing program – from SEO to content, paid advertising, social media, and more.

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Brad Kuenn

Brad Kuenn is the co-author of The Customer Journey: How an Owned Audience Can Transform Your Business and Content Marketing Works. As Marketing Director at Investis Digital, Brad manages internal inbound marketing and acts as senior editor for the website. Brad’s responsible for ensuring that content efficiently reaches established goals, delivers optimum results, and aligns with Vertical Measures values. Follow him @BKuenn +Brad Kuenn