How To Generate Content Ideas For Your Business [VIDEO]

How To Generate Content Ideas For Your Business [VIDEO]


One of the most frequent concerns we hear about is the (seemingly) daunting task it will be to generate tons of content ideas in order to sustain a content marketing strategy. It may, at first glance, seem like a improbable feat, but I assure you, there are tips of the trade that will ease up your content brainstorming phase. Most importantly, know that content ideas are all around you. From the project managers to the sales professionals within your organizations, each one of them has a treasure trove of questions they receive from clients and can be converted into topic ideas. The next step is to do the research to make sure you’re being strategic about your topics, and finding the right road for your new content opportunities to travel down online. Watch on to discover the process I recommend following so you too can generate many content ideas for your business.


Recently, while giving a presentation in Arizona, I spoke about the endless possibilities of finding content opportunities in the travel and hospitality markets. In that presentation, I gave an example of the research process that we use at Vertical Measures to find such content opportunities. My first step in the process was to develop an idea. The search query that came from that idea was ‘Visit the Grand Canyon’. When entering the query into a Google search , the Google suggestion in the search bar gave some great direction for content ideas. Upon completion of entering that query, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page for more additional ideas for content up here. I then went to the question and answers site, Yahoo Answers and entered again the same search query, ‘Visit the Grand Canyon’. Results showed many, many searches, both questions and answers related to this exact topic.

The next step is to see if people are not only talking about it but if there is content already created with this question in mind. In all three of the previous steps, I noticed one phrase that appeared in all three places, ‘Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas’. Upon my return to Google and entering the long tail search ‘Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas’, the search engines gave me exactly what I was looking for. I saw golden opportunities for content, as USA Today was the only website to answer that question. The rest of the top results seemed to be wide open.

Using this process and the information gathered from just Google and Yahoo Answers, I was able to come up with dozens of content opportunities. And it made me think, what if I was a hotel or a restaurant or a helicopter service located in a close proximity to the Grand Canyon and was looking to create some content like Infographic or Free Guide or may be even an airline looking to create a blog post.

Opportunities like this exist everywhere and whenever I travel I try to do a custom presentation for that audience and I’m always able to come up with dozens and dozens of great content opportunities.

So how can you use this process to come up with these same kinds of content opportunities for your business?

Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is an internationally recognized SEO and Content Marketing expert, speaker and author. His latest book is Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform your Business. In 2006, Arnie founded Vertical Measures, a highly respected PPC, SEO and Content Marketing agency. He is on Twitter at @ArnieK +Arnie Kuenn