How to Find Good Topics for Infographics [VIDEO]

How to Find Good Topics for Infographics [VIDEO]

What is the criteria for finding the right topic for creating an infographic? Is there even a set of rules you should follow? Discovering the most relevant and engaging subject for your audience is the most important part of infographic creation. Watch on for guidelines that will help in your infographic ideation process.



So you want to create an infographic, but you do not have a topic? You don’t even know where to begin. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you get on the right path to finding a great topic that can not only tell a story, but educate your audience.

Who are you trying to reach with the infographic? Whether it’s for you or a client, you have to start by keeping in mind the target audience with an infographic. So while you want the graphic to be appealing to your audience, it also needs to make sense that it’s coming from you. Try finding a topic that works well for the audience you are targeting, while also relating back to you.

So how do you start finding a topic? As you keep in mind the target audience, brainstorm and write down everything you can about you, your client, and your audiences in the form of a mind map. From there, you can find good directions to branch off of.

Then take your topics online. Go through Yahoo Answers, Quora, Google Trends, and even forums relating to your audience to see what people are talking about.

Take the ideas from those resource sites and forums and use them as a Google search query. Pay attention to what the Google Suggestions are, as they represent what people are searching for. Follow a few of the Google Suggestions to see if those topic suggestions are actually being used.

From the Google suggestions, dive deeper into the topic to see if it has enough information to make an infographic. It’s important to analyze the topics you’re exploring, and know if it would make a great infographic or not. If there’s no information on the topic, it might not be the best direction and you should put the topic aside to use as an article or free guide at a later point.

Overall, a good infographic should have a topic that can be formatted into a story, has compelling information and can benefit the viewer by it being visualized. If you follow these points, if you will be on the right path to finding the right topic for an infographic.

Daniel Dannenberg

Daniel Dannenberg is the Creative Manager at Vertical Measures, providing the company with his design knowledge on branding, illustration, UX and information graphics. +Daniel Dannenberg