How Should I Respond to a Negative Review in Social Media? [VIDEO]

How Should I Respond to a Negative Review in Social Media? [VIDEO]

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Kaila Strong answers: “How should I respond to a negative review in social media?”

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Alright, so today’s question is: “How should I respond to a negative review on social media?”

This definitely happens a lot, we see this publicized on national media very regularly. “I can’t get on my Jet Blue flight,” or “I was served something really nasty at a Pei Wei,” or something like that.

Users are starting to use social media to start talking about your brand whether your large or small. So being able to address negative reviews or negative responses is certainly an important thing.

I would suggest that you utilize a strategy to responding to every single negative review. Even positive ones you will want to respond too maybe half of the time. But negative reviews, trying to respond, and at any opportunity try to take it offline. So you’re not offering advice or specific account information for that end user, but instead, your taking it offline, calling them, e-mailing them, having direct conversation with them to try to remedy the issue.

There are going to be instances where flamers are out there, online, that just try to spam your site or just trying to be negative brand ambassadors. In instances of those, you want to try to address it, but if it gets out of hand, sometimes the best tactic is to try to ignore it and utilize your best judgment and try to respond. And then also, definitely try to make a negative into a positive situation by maybe offering a discount, or a coupon, or just providing your sincere apologizes for the situation. A lot of times that can go a long way.

Kaila Strong

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