How and Why Corporate Blogging Can Help Your Site

How and Why Corporate Blogging Can Help Your Site

In case you’re still wondering if having a corporate blog will benefit your business, check out these quick 5 reasons why every company should have a blog:

1: Consistently publishing high quality of posts on your blog will establish your site as an authority in your industry which in turn helps you to build a strong bond of trust with your visitors and future customers.

2: Blogs have been shown to keep readers at your site longer. While they are there, they tend to consume what you have to read and interact with you and other visitors by leaving comments as well.

3: In conjunction with using RSS and email subscriptions, your blog site will keep visitors coming back. This makes it easy to lead a return visitor down the path of becoming a regular customer.

4: Search engines love sites to be regularly updated with fresh, new and on topic content. Your corporate blog will easily provide you SEO and content marketing benefits.

5: It’s also been proven time and again that the more quality content you produce regularly for your corporate blog, the more natural incoming links you’ll generate. And those links help your site rank higher in most search engine results pages.

Sound like a lot of work? It just might be; it depends upon the resources and availability you or someone in your company might have to devote to the company’s blog. If there’s just no one with the time or passion to dedicate to the continual operation of your successful blog, you have a few options:

Guest Bloggers

Don’t have time to write content on your blog on a regular basis? Think about opening up your blog to guest bloggers. There are many bloggers interested in blogging on different industry related sites. Why? Not only do they get to build up their own credibility in the industry, they’re also able to appeal to a whole new readership.

Outsourcing Content

By employing a quality business blog writing service you’ll be paying for content to place on your site. You won’t have to be concerned with hiring a full time, in-house writer that might only be useful for your corporate blog. Writing services tend to have networks of highly successful and experienced writers with expertise in areas that coincide with the industry your business is in. If the writer is good enough you might look at employing them on a regular basis to provide posts letting your readers know they are the author, and in turn help them to gain notoriety in your industry.

Partnerships and Regular Contributors

Know a group of experts in your industry? See if they’d be willing to work with you on building up your blog. Ask them for regular posts and contributions to the blog, see if they will help promote as well and gain readers/subscribers. You’d be surprised how many people are interested in contributing on a monthly basis to a blog.


If you’re well connected in your industry it doesn’t take much time to contact your friends and colleagues, ask them a few questions, and post answers to those questions on your blog. This gives you a lot of room to play with regarding blog topics, content for your site, and also can help gain publicity/readers.

Now you have no reason not to blog on your own site. Simply not having the time is not a valid excuse. Get out there and start your corporate blog today!

What advice do you have for ‘new’ corporate bloggers?

About the Author: 

Steve Lazuka is the President of Interact Media, a website marketing company Interact Media based in Ohio. Follow Steve on Twitter, @SteveLazuka, to learn more about his business blog writing service, content marketing, and SEO.


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