How a Project Manager Can Solve Your Content Marketing Challenges

How a Project Manager Can Solve Your Content Marketing Challenges

We’ve all heard the content marketing excuses. “We don’t want to invest in content marketing.” Or “our team is too busy to create content.” While there may be some truth to the excuses, adding a project manager to your content marketing efforts can solve a lot of these challenges.

Why, you may ask? In short, project managers have a way of making things happen.

A project manager doesn’t have to be a completely new hire if you don’t have the resources, although they could be. They could also be an existing staff member you deem the “point-person” for your content marketing campaigns, or an outside freelancer or content marketing agency with focused expertise.

Whoever the person may be, they’ll need to be responsible for leading your content marketing efforts from inception through execution. They should be process-oriented, have a planner-mindset, and know how to overcome a variety of production issues.

Project managers ensure you are driving results through consistent processes in your content publication schedule. If you’ve run into any of the challenges listed below, you’d be in good hands by adding a project manager role to your content marketing mix.

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

Challenge #1: Content creation resources are lacking

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, your content marketing efforts can bring up challenges in your resources. You could be struggling to find the people to create your content within your company or externally. Or maybe your content marketing budget, or lack thereof, poses a challenge.

Project managers can solve this challenge by:

  • Using their skills to discuss timelines, rates, and narrow down the scope of your content marketing process or efforts
  • Managing the relationship with freelance writers, agencies, partners or other outside vendors
  • Keeping an eye on profit margins and having a keen understanding about how hours and outside costs may impact the bottom line

Challenge #2: Content production consistency is key, but that’s hard to do

A key fundamental in content marketing is producing consistent content. Unfortunately, resource challenges, like the ones mentioned above, can create a bottleneck in your content production process. Consistency can be a challenge especially when producing content isn’t your full time job, or your only marketing initiative.

Project managers can keep your content moving through the process by:

  • Setting up realistic timelines for your team
  • Monitoring your content marketing projects in a timely way
  • Keeping an eye out for risks that would prohibit your content from moving through the process
  • Mitigating these risks before they become larger issues

Challenge #3: Content quality can be hit or miss

With so many moving parts to your content marketing program, oftentimes attention to detail will be lost and the quality of your content will suffer. In order to create consistently high quality content, you must have processes and workflows in place to facilitate a content development process that becomes second nature for anyone involved.

Project managers can solve this challenge by:

  • Creating content marketing templates for each content type you’ll produce
  • Including approval processes in your template so that the right people sign off on your content before it’s posted online
  • Distributing content marketing checklists for the team to follow

Having an effective project manager can result in more successful content marketing efforts. Schedules will be built with realistic expectations. Wrangling in resources and keeping them on deadline will be left to the project manager. Costs will be kept to a minimum, while keeping quality top of mind. And most importantly, content will be produced on a consistent basis.

Jenn Tanabe

Jenn Tanabe leads the project management team at Vertical Measures, in addition to managing a handful of enterprise-level accounts. She has over 7 years of digital marketing experience, including content marketing, SEO, website development, and email marketing.