Extending the Life of Your Press Release Online

Extending the Life of Your Press Release Online

Press Release Online

Once you’ve optimized your press release with keywords and have distributed it through an online news service, you may think the process is complete. But are you really doing all you can to increase your visibility, improve search rankings and drive traffic to your site?

To gain valuable online exposure for your business, there are a few additional steps to keep in mind when making a news announcement.

Share on social networks

Many news distribution sites offer additional social sharing buttons that will automatically post a URL of your release to social networks. This is an efficient and simple step for sharing news with industry colleagues, followers and fans that can help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Press Release Social Sharing

Social Sharing Buttons

Get Your Employees Involved

Not only does this help to personalize your company brand, but it can also help employees build their professional network by sparking conversations or creating new relationships.

An effective way to encourage involvement is to send out a weekly email highlighting what the company plans to promote on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn along with shortened URLs so they can personalize and share with their audience.

Send out a Social Media Release

Optimize your traditional press release for conversation with a social media release. Social media releases differ in that you do not have to conform to AP Style, so you are able to take a conversational approach and make it visually appealing. Geared towards a web-savvy audience, the focus is less on content and more on key points along with pictures, audio and video integration. There are several different ways to distribute the SMR including: social bookmarking sites, article submission directories, directly to targeted bloggers or through one of the social media release outlets.

Social Media Release

Engage in Targeted Blogger Outreach

If there is content in your news release that would be of interest to bloggers writing about your industry, you can reach out with a personalized, targeted message. It is important to become familiar with their body of work, monitor what topics they discuss and who they converse with on a regular basis. Most importantly, always be transparent and authentic in your correspondence.

Additionally, since you are reaching an audience where credibility/trust has been established, you can tap into that loyal following by offering a special incentive or exclusive offer to that audience and hopefully get an endorsement. For example, if you are announcing the launch of a new product line, you can provide an exclusive offer, product trial or contest giveaway to readers of a particular blog.

Archive in an Online Newsroom

With Journalists regularly using the web to source their stories and consumers always searching online for company information, it is important to maintain an online newsroom. Content in the newsroom should be simple to find, searchable, printable and easy to download.

Populate the newsroom with the following content: company contact information, executive bios, profiles, photos, fact sheets, press releases, presentation videos and webinars. And most importantly, make sure your audience can easily share your news across their favorite social media channels.


The next time you make a news announcement; don’t rely solely on the press to pick up your story. Carry on and create buzz online through social media. The goal is to strengthen the relationship others have with your brand AND the more connected they feel to your brand, the more likely they are to consistently share your content with their network.

What are some of the ways you maximize your PR exposure?

Ann-Marie Jancovich

Ann-Marie is the Content Marketing and Promotions Manager at Vertical Measures. She merges multiple marketing disciplines to oversee the development of content for clients, while ensuring their promotional and SEO goals are reached through paid and earned media on social networks. +Ann-Marie Jancovich