Excellent Examples of Content Curation

Excellent Examples of Content Curation


In today’s ever changing world of SEO, one thing has remained the same; quality and relevant content is crucial for your websites overall success. With the recent Panda and Penguin Updates, the need for solid content has only grown more important. However, creating original content isn’t always needed; sometimes finding existing content and using it in an organized and informative fashion can also be an effective strategy. The practice is called “Content Curation”, and it has become a very powerful form of information across the web.

What Is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of categorizing the massive amount of content that the web holds today, and representing it in an organized feature related to a specific niche. A content curator picks the best content that is imperative and applicable to share with the internet community. This usually involves separating, sorting, and publishing specific information. It’s not about collecting all the useless, irrelevant links that plague the internet today; it is more about arranging them into a content piece with valid organization, and presenting information that is easy to access.  Content curators provide a customized, sorted selection of the best and most relevant resources on a very specific topic or niche.

Why Is Content Curation a Good Practice?

While original content is still highly valuable, the internet world is starting to become diluted with an extreme amount of information that might be related to your same subject matter. With so much information available and coming from many sources, we often don’t know if it’s the right information or if it’s even current with the times. (Especially in the fast changing world of SEO, information can change quickly). Content Curation allows people to find quality content in an organized format based on more specific areas of expertise.  To put it simply, being a Content Curator is a technique to assist your target audience in staying informed about a certain field and helps them (and you) be more efficient in finding information about a specific niche topic.

Are There Any Content Curation Tools?

There is a large amount of Tools for the Content Curation process that will help separate the good apples from the bad:

Strawberry Jam

This tool is still in beta (you need to ask for an invitation directly to the site from someone already using it), and it is an almost perfect tool in order to discover what is the most popular content which is published in your niche.


Delicious is the place to collect and showcase your passions from across the web. Save what you like – videos, pictures, tweets, blog posts, or articles – on topics you enjoy and compile them into one themed stack for easy sharing.


Faveous can easily be considered a Delicious on some serious steroids. The first time you login to Faveous you need to add the different accounts of each service you want to import. In order to do that you need to authorize Faveous to keep track of your accounts’ progress. After that Faveous will connect to your accounts periodically (every 15 minutes actually) and automatically retrieve your favorites from each service, making them appear on your Homepage.


A comprehensive, business-grade, SaaS content curation solution that automates the tedious tasks (search, organizing, and publishing ) while giving you complete, centralized control of the human tasks (evaluation, contextualizing, and approval).

Other Sources:

Inbound.orgHacker News, and any other content curated news sites. These sites are awesome shortcuts to find valuable content and other curators specialized in one or two specific niches.

Useful Content Curator Examples

The following are great examples of Curator sites that use the above tools to find the most relevant and quality content:

www.appdustry.com – Highlight latest news and stories about the app industry.

www.DaringFireball.net – Daring Fireball is written and produced by John Gruber.

www.scoop.it – Scoop.it is a content curation platform, where users can curate information about any topic they want.

www.kikolani.com/category/fetching-friday – This weekly series covers the top five posts in blogging, design, making money online, personal development, search optimization, and social media.

Looking Forward to the Future

Though the future is a forever unknown with any internet strategy, with constant changes and updates, right now it looks like the future of the social web will be driven by these content curators, who take it upon themselves to collect and share the best content online.

This strategy benefits many people struggling with the internet today, flooded by spun content, fake blogs, and the many useless web pages created just for gaining in their SERP rankings.  With the help of the recent Google Updates and Content Curators, finding valuable and credible information on the internet just got a whole lot better!

Do you know of any great Content Curation examples?

Brad Kuenn

Brad Kuenn is the co-author of The Customer Journey: How an Owned Audience Can Transform Your Business and Content Marketing Works. As Marketing Director at Investis Digital, Brad manages internal inbound marketing and acts as senior editor for the website. Brad’s responsible for ensuring that content efficiently reaches established goals, delivers optimum results, and aligns with Vertical Measures values. Follow him @BKuenn +Brad Kuenn