Content That Gives [VIDEO]

Content That Gives [VIDEO]

Content That Gives Video

We are always competing with ourselves here at Vertical Measures to keep producing quality content that is not only useful, but authoritative, insightful, and engaging. So, we decided to take a look back at some of our more popular pieces of original content this year and ask ourselves what exactly made them successful. A video, infographic, free guide, and a free download each were evaluated. Watch the video below to see what we discovered!



The content team here at Vertical Measures has a lot of fun creating custom content and challenging ourselves to be creative, relevant, and innovative. So we wanted to reflect and analyze what our content has given us in return.

Case Study 1

Category: Motion Graphics and Video

Title: Six Creative Ways to Brainstorm Ideas

Stats: 2594 views on YouTube and growing!

Lessons Learned: A broad approach can apply to various industries and expand your reach. Present your information in a unique way with a unique point of view (like robots!).

Case Study 2

Category: Free Guide

Title: What is Content Marketing?

Stats: 117 tweets. 50 Facebook shares. 110 Google pluses (one of our most popular pieces on Google +!). This guide has generated at leas a dozen leads and 2 new clients

Lessons Learned:  Illustrating your voice and services right away can draw people in. Supplying your audience with a much needed resource and valuable information will make you memorable.

Case Study 3

Category: Infographic

Title: What Makes An Infographic Bad & How to Make it Better

Stats: Over 520 pins (pins are valuable because they are direct links back to our website) and over 100 additional external links.

Lessons Learned: Find if there is a demand for a subject matter. Is there something a lot of people are searching for but isn’t being answered? Choose your topics wisely. Infographics are made for a longer shelf life, so choosing the right topic will only extend it.

Case Study 4

Category: Free Downloads

Title: Content Editorial Calendar

Stats: 14,000 unique page views, 125 external links, 120 tweets, 46 linking root domains

Lessons Learned: Know your strengths in terms of services. Becoming a valuable resource will make you memorable to your audience and potential clients.


Erin Pritchard

As a Graphic Designer, Erin designs flyers, blog post headers, free guides, and infographics for a variety of clients. Working with the creative team at Vertical Measures, her involvement in the design process begins with brainstorming, conceptualization, and research. She combines these elements to create a finished product that fulfills the clients’ needs. +Erin Pritchard