Battling Obesity in Low-Income Neighborhoods [INFOGRAPHIC]

Battling Obesity in Low-Income Neighborhoods [INFOGRAPHIC]


Obesity is a growing concern, affecting over one-third of Americans today. In this infographic, we present the research to show who is affected, the factors that are leading to this condition, and the solutions that could prove able to fight it.

We all know infographics are powerful learning tools, visually interesting and engaging. For businesses, non-profits and other organizations, infographics are proven tools of communication, able to connect with customers and supporters.  Battling Obesity in Low Income Neighborhoods offers a nice example of how the healthcare, non-profit or other relevant industries can implement content marketing strategies with an infographic. A well-executed infographic design can spread their message across a variety of platforms and raise awareness for their cause.


Battling Obesity In Low-Income Neighborhoods

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