Announcing “Boost Your Juice 2” Finalists: Vote for Your Favorite

Announcing “Boost Your Juice 2” Finalists: Vote for Your Favorite

If you’ve been following our “Boost Your Juice 2” contest then you know today is the big announcement day! We received many submissions, but only five lucky entries were chosen by our staff as finalists. Now it’s up to you, our readers and visitors, to pick the winners of our “Boost Your Juice 2” contest! Make sure to scroll to the bottom and vote for your favorite. The 1st place winner will receive $5,000 in internet marketing services and the 2nd place winner will receive $1,000 in internet marketing services. A lot at stake here so please take the time and vote for the most deserving entry. Vote before November 11th, and check back to our blog on November 13th to see who won!

#1 Natures Garden


We are a web based farmer’s market operating year-round here in Arizona. Our service is a new outlet for the distribution of local food in a technologically advanced era. Local organic farmers and vendors enjoy the ability to sell products without the limitations associated with the conventional farmers market.
So much of our health is ultimately decided by what we eat. We think convenience plays a major part in everyone’s purchasing decisions. By making healthy local food easily assessable we increase the health and happiness of our community.
Our largest hurdle as a start-up web based business is simply letting consumers know we exist. Web presence is essential to our growth. We believe the local economy can benefit tremendously by JUICING UP our internet marketing. More customers mean more sales and exposure for the local farmer who can now concentrate on farming. Local vendors can benefit from the peace of mind that our market is always open. Consumers enjoy a greater sense of community by purchasing locally produced foods. Furthermore, nearly twice the amount of money spent on local goods is retained by the community when compared to buying from non local resources.
Help us strengthen our community by nominating us for the 5k in internet marking!
#2 S P A C E
I am writing this essay for the Boost Your Juice Contest presented by Vertical Measures.
This contest would be an unbelievable asset to the marketing campaign that I recently started for my business s p a c e.  s p a c e is a massage studio that I created, designed and built (with a great carpenter friend) that is perfect for many people seeking a calm place in these chaotic times. The 300 sq. ft. space was created from a former workshop and completed in June 2009.  
I would love to have assistance in marketing my home-based business that was created out of necessity.  In March 2009, my spa at the Scottsdale Waterfront, Moss Wellness Spa, closed its doors for the last time.  I put my heart and soul into the concept, design, installation and operation, only to have it go un-noticed due to the changing financial world.  We did not have the time to stake a proper foundation and I am not about to have the same thing happen for my own creation, again.  
My passion for the Health & Wellness lifestyle is simple for me; I practice it daily and share my insights with those around me. My tenacity and fervor to see this through again will not wane, but I would welcome the guidance and assistance of outside contributions.  My budget has been on a shoestring and I am doing what I can personally to network, advertise and to get the word out efficiently and quickly.  The location is fantastic (walking distance to LGO, Postino and radio MILANO) image004but zoning, financing and other constraints do limit my ability to move forward on a large scale.
The community and networks that I have created over the past 4 years in AZ, will definitely benefit from knowing more about me and s p a c e. I vow to continue sharing my life and stories, because it is part of my DNA. Visit my website and see for yourself –

Thank you for the opportunity…

#3 Natural Health

Wellsource Naturopathic Medical Center, LLC is a wellness center focused on restoring health by finding and treating the underlying cause of image011

patients’ health problems, rather than treating symptoms. At this time, I am the CEO and sole practitioner of this organization. My vision for the future includes a group of practitioners working together to bring the patient to a state of optimal health. 

I utilize naturopathic medicine to help patients by first listening deeply to their story of how they came to be out of balance in the area of physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual health. By listening well, the story unfolds to reveal the underlying cause or causes of imbalance. Next, I take a full medical history, physical exam and recommend lab work if needed. Then I create a treatment plan for the patient after which they understand how they came to be out of balance and how their health can be restored.   My first visit, I spend an hour and a half with each patient. At the end of this first visit, what I hear most commonly is “thankyou.. I now have hope”. Sadly, image015most patients have been through the typical medical establishment and feel unsatisfied, unimportant and lost. Many have been told “there is nothing we can do” or given yet another prescription medication. 
I feel extremely blessed to be the vehicle for restoring hope to my patients. Each patient’s basic needs are met – to be heard and understood. This turning point is often what inspires them to share their experience and refer their friends and family to my practice. The symptoms that are presented are simply clues that lead us, together, to the answers – the underlying cause of imbalance. Each day is exciting because I get to inspire others to listen to their body and hear its wisdom. This paradigm shift is what I personally experienced through my own healing and inspired me to enter the field of naturopathic medicine. My gift is sharing this with others. 
“Barbara”, a 50 year old woman entered my clinic less than a year ago. For ten years, she suffered from aching painful weak muscles in her legs, moving into her arms. This physically fit woman could not squat without help to get up. Her energy level was nearly zilch. She had to stop working due to her pain. All the four physicians she visited tested scans and extensive blood work. They diagnosed her with chronic fatigue syndrome and she was given anti-depressants. As with many other patients, her symptoms worsened after stress. She is taking care of her 2 elderly parents, one with Alzheimer’s disease. After more probing however, a diagnosis of Lyme disease was discovered and sub-optimal thyroid and adrenal function.   She is now in her last month of treatment with botanical and glandular medicines that restore her weakened body and immune system to full strength. She is feeling wonderful, able to garden, to squat, take long walks and help her father get in and out of his wheelchair. Her energy is now 9 out of 10. 
I love to work with children. Their lives affect so many others. One 8 year old boy “Darryl” was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and put on a stimulant called Ritalin, which did not help him. His mother was desperate for help, as her son was creating havoc in the family and at school. The underlying cause was an imbalance in brain chemistry due to poor diet and food intolerances. By removing dairy from his diet, and giving him a homeopathic remedy and the amino acids that he was missing, he no longer had attention issues. His teacher said “he’s a different child now”. 

These stories and others are why I would like to have an internet marketing campaign. I want to reach more people. I want to reach those that are hopeless and need a doctor who will listen. I want to share what I have learned about the wisdom our bodies, how they can heal themselves when given the right tools and environment. I want to empower others to listen to their body, love themselves, and sustain a healthy happy life.

#4 Happy Tails

image017Happy Tails Service Dogs is a 501(c )(3) organization that teaches persons with a physical disability or who are deaf/hard of hearing how to train their dog to become a service dog as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The ADA was passed in 1990 and states businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. 
Prior to 2005, the Arizona Law addressing service animal accessibility was not consistent with the ADA. Happy Tails created a coalition consisting of all service dog programs in Arizona, the Arizona ADA, Center for Disability Law and several service dog users. The coalition submitted a proposal to the legislature which would bring the Arizona Law into compliance. The proposal was approved and went into effect in 2005 (ARS 11-1024). 
image024Now, nineteen years after the signing of the ADA, we still hear stories of individuals who use service animals being denied access to public areas. Examples of two of our most recent inquiries regarding accessibility are: 1) Happy Tails was contacted by a person who had a service dog. He said he was told to leave a grocery store. We contacted the manager as well as the corporate office. The corporate office was eager to have Happy Tails provide training so they could learn what their rights were as a business. 2) Happy Tails took a class of five students and their dogs to a mall. The security guard questioned some of the students. He was given a copy of the Arizona law. The following week he came over to us and thanked us for the information. He said it made him aware of issues he did not know the law covered. 
Happy Tails received an email on June 16, 2009 regarding Arizona State Bill 1377 which Senator Gray sponsored. The proposed changes stated “THE COUNTY SHALL DESIGN UNIFORM IDENTIFICATION TAGS OR VESTS TO BE WORN BY SERVICE ANIMALS”.  Many complaints from the community stated that the changes would once again make ARS 11-1024 noncompliant with the Federal Law, so the Bill died.
image021Published scientific research shows that having an animal companion improves both emotional and physical well-being. Studies have connected pet ownership with favorable health effects ranging from lower blood pressure to reduced anxiety levels. Besides benefitting emotionally and physically, a person who uses a service animal also achieves a higher level of independence and socialization.
When a person with a disability chooses to use a service dog to improve their level of independence or quality of life, they rarely anticipate some of the problems they may face when being denied public access. People using service animals have shared experiences of being humiliated, frustrated, treated like second class citizens or even being made to feel like a criminal when their access rights are challenged due to a lack of the establishment’s knowledge of the law. 
image019Happy Tails is requesting consideration for the Boost Your Juice contest so that we may receive assistance in marketing and revising our web site. 
Receiving professional input from Vertical Measures will benefit businesses as well as the disabled. It is our goal for businesses to have a greater opportunity to be directed to our site when searching for appropriate information on accessibility issues. Having accurate information will allow businesses to interact with disabled individuals using service animals in a less stressful manner.
By having a more pleasant experience, people with disabilities will be more apt to increase their level of community integration and socialization.

#5 Take A Hike



Take A Hike Arizona, LLC is a small, women owned company with a great mission and great potential! Starting off as volunteer stewards with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, we found that many people wanted to get out and enjoy the local scenery but weren’t sure how. So we started our hiking company to get them off the couch and out into the desert! We love to take our guests (families, individuals, groups, image029children) out into the Sonoran Desert where they enjoy a “get away from it all” day of exercise, beautiful scenery, healthy food and education. 
As a newer company (going into our second year), we need to strengthen our internet presence and get our internet marketing campaign off on the right foot to help us get the word out about the great programs we offer. For example, how many school district employees are aware that their health and wellness benefits will help pay for a guided hiking program with our company? Well, the Glendale Elementary School District knows about the benefit of keeping their employees healthy and they have signed their staff on with us for a scheduled monthly hike and the employee benefit program helps to fund this! It’s difficult to get this message in front of the right people without an effective, targeted marketing campaign.
image031If we are fortunate enough to win the services being offered by Vertical Measures, we would love to have a campaign that helps us address the following:
·         – Improve our SEO (we have a beautiful website, a fantastic photo gallery, a Twitter account, and some fun videos on You Tube that we need to get more traffic to)
·         – Tweak our website to add more calls to action to improve our conversion rate (we know that even if we increase the traffic to our website it won’t matter if we are not converting it into sales)
·        –  Make our site more interactive by creating dialogue with our guests and potential customers
·        –  Create an email marketing campaign
·        –  Strengthen our brand
·        –  Identify other tactics that we should be using
Now as to why our company deserves to win this great opportunity…….that’s easy. We are still a small company with little capital competing in an industry of corporate giants with large marketing budgets. But, we have a fantastic line of services that no one else in our area offers and we know we need the investment in our internet presence to help spread the word more effectively. We are well connected in the tourism industry which works well for word of mouth advertising. However, many of our guests find us through their internet searches long before they arrive in our area. We just need more of them to find us! Our goal is to get more people out in our beautiful desert while they are here. We love to share our knowledge and experience with young and old alike and keep them safe image035while protecting our desert ecosystem at the same time. We provide a great experience for guests to our area, which in turn helps promote our area as a destination and helps the local economy. 

Take a minute to see for yourself this great little company we have created and hope to continue to grow! Check out our website at ( and see all the beautiful hikes we have done with our guests. With our small budget and large competition, we need all the help we can get!! Help us continue to grow our company and make it the success we know it can be!

Vote below before November 11th for your favorite Boost Your Juice 2 entry!


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