The Weekly Measure: Angular SEO Issues, Instagram Stories & Fonts

The Weekly Measure: Angular SEO Issues, Instagram Stories & Fonts

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields. Also provided is a handy schedule of internet marketing industry conferences taking place around the world.

Content Marketing

What Makes Good Copywriting? 6 Characteristics of Top-Notch Copy

– HubSpot

Here are the six most important traits of good copywriting to figure out how you can improve your own marketing copy.

Ex-SNL Writer Reveals How to Spend 5 Minutes a Day to Improve Storytelling

– Content Marketing Institute

Pick two words, any two words. No, it’s not a joke. It’s the start of a word-play exercise to strengthen your creative muscles.

Paid Search

How To Explain PPC To A Non-Digital Marketer

– PPC Hero

It’s a constant struggle to explain PPC in a way that makes it easy to understand. Check out our team’s favorite responses to “What is PPC?”

Defy the Retail Sales Slump with Google Shopping

– Search Engine Journal

Paid search and PLAs for Google Shopping are the next big opportunities for online retail, as long as you can crack the data code. Here’s why.

Social Media

13 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour or Less

– Hootsuite

So many improvements to your social media profiles can be made in just a few minutes. We take a look at 13.

Instagram Stories Are Coming to Mobile Web Browsers

– Search Engine Journal

When logged into on a mobile browser, you will now see stories at the top of your feed.

Search Engine Optimization


Overcoming Angular SEO Issues Associated with AngularJS Framework

– Vertical Measures

AngularJS is a javascript-based framework that extends HTML. Great for user experience, but can cause significant issues that kill your organic search traffic.

What’s Your AMP Traffic Really Doing? Set Up Reporting in 10 Minutes

– Moz

How can you harness conversion opportunities using Accelerated Mobile Pages? There is a way to set up AMP tracking in Google Analytics.


Effective Email Marketing for Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

– Campaign Monitor

Utilize email marketing and automation to its fullest. Campaign Monitor shows effective emails to send during each customer lifecycle stage.

The Story of Typography in Email and Why Fallback Fonts Matter

– SEM Rush

Learn about the typography evolution, how a specific font conveys a particular emotion and how to choose the best font for email.

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