55+ Content Marketing Resources

55+ Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing Resources

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important – especially as of late, considering Google’s recent Panda update.  Here are more than 55 links to a variety of content marketing resources all over the web.

Content Marketing Training

Training guides, webinars and courses on content marketing.

Podcasts and Videos


Podcasts and videos on content marketing, featuring experts and leaders in the industry.

Content Marketing Blogroll

The following blogs have a strong content marketing focus.

Content Marketing Tactics, Tips and Strategies


Articles and resources for specific content marketing strategies and tactics.

Content Marketing on Social Media Sites

Social sites with content marketing tags, categories and content.

2011 Content Marketing Events

Additional Resources

If you have additional content marketing resources, please share them in the comments to help make this list as complete as possible!

Abby Gilmore

Abby Gilmore is a content strategist at Vertical Measures. When she is not creating, tweaking and developing strategies for online content, she creates her own offline content as a freelance print journalist.