40+ Ecommerce Content Marketing Resources

40+ Ecommerce Content Marketing Resources

Whether you’re B2B or B2C Ecommerce company, the fact remains content marketing is necessary for success online today. Your competitors are already taking advantage of what content marketing has to offer, so what are you waiting for?

We’ve put together an extensive resource list of articles from the last 12 months which speak to content marketing’s impact in the Ecommerce world, best practices, tips, brands doing it well and lessons learned from those who aren’t. Learn from the industry’s best by reading these great articles and feel free to add your own finds to the comments below.

Measurement in Ecommerce Digital Marketing

Using Google Analytics to Measure Content Marketing – Marketingland.com by Arnie Kuenn

The Metrics That Really Matter In E-Commerce Marketing – Dmnews.com

A Digital Marketing and Measurement Model for an eCommerce Company – KevinKauzlaric.com

How to Capture Content Marketing ROI – ConversionConference.com by Arnie Kuenn

Getting Stuck on Measuring Content Marketing ROI? – VerticalMeasures.com by Arnie Kuenn

Content Marketing in Ecommerce

Content Marketing Fortnight VI: Drew Barrymore A Content Marketer? – Forrester.com

Inside Walmart’s Ecommerce Marketing Engine – Adexchanger.com

Ecommerce Sites: How You Should Do Content Marketing – Koozai.com

Intervention: Five Signs Your eCommerce Site Needs a Makeover – Onehippo.com

Bringing Content Marketing In Store: The Retail Space as Experience Venue – HugeInc.com

The 6 Elements To A Successful Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Business Owners in 2014 – BrazenProfitLab.com

Content and Commerce: Using Content Marketing to Drive Ecommerce in 2014 – e2msolutions.com

Is Commerce the Future of Content Marketing, Publishing, or… – Meltwater.com

Which Types of Content Are Most Important for Ecommerce? – Econsultancy.com

5 Ways to Rock Your eCommerce Site With Inbound Marketing – Savvypanda.com

How to Go “All In” with Content Marketing: 8 Experts Weigh In – ContentMarketingInstitute.com by Arnie Kuenn

How to Create Content for E-Commerce Websites – SEMRush.com

100 E-commerce Store Tips for Retailers – Tweakyourbiz.com

Build an Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy for 2014 – PracticalEcommerce.com

How Your E-commerce Program Can Benefit from Inbound Marketing – LyntonWeb.com

Tips for B2B Ecommerce Inbound Marketing – iwdagency.com

10 Powerful Ecommerce Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2014 – Brandwatch.com

7 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Strategy – Mashable.com

Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Predictions for 2014 Report – Econsultancy.com

26 Social Listening Tools to Infuse Your eCommerce Marketing with Awesome Intelligence – Kissmetrics.com

4 Ways Visual Content Can Enhance Your Ecommerce User Experience – ContentMarketingInstitute.com

5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips For Your Online Store – Business2Community.com

Content Marketing for Ecommerce: Technical Checklist and Writing Process – PrestaShop.com

How Content Marketing Can Help Ecommerce Business? – ShoutMeLoud.com

eCommerce Marketing: Creating Engaging Lifestyle Content for Retail Brands – Skyword.com

Behavioural Targeting for E-commerce – Smartinsights.com

Navigating E-Commerce Channels: Are All Hands On Deck for Digital Marketing? – AmazonStrategies.com

Digital Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Businesses – 3dissue.com

E-commerce: 10 Case Studies to Help You Excel in Content Marketing, Social Media and Website Optimization – MarketingSherpa.com

Guides, Graphics and Studies about Ecommerce Marketing

[Infographic] A Roadmap of 19 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies – BootstrappingEcommerce.com

Juicy Tips for Ecommerce Content Marketing from inbound Marketing Pros [Infographic] – ReferralCandy.com

[E-Book]  e-Commerce Guide to Search Visibility and Content Marketing – Relevance.com

Free Toolkit: Creating Killer Content Marketing – Act-On.com

8 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Whitepaper – Act-On.com

A Not-So Brief Guide to Better Content Marketing – GregoryCiotti.com

The MarketingSherpa E-commerce Benchmark Study – MarketingSherpa.com

Challenges & Mistakes in Ecommerce Marketing

Solving the Unsolved Challenges in E-commerce & Digital Marketing – Slideshare.net

eCommerce, Digital Marketing on a Budget, Content Marketing and More – HuffingtonPost.ca

7 Deadly Sins for Ecommerce Marketing Automation – Hubspot.com

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