4 Things to Look for When Reviewing Your Digital Marketing Agency

4 Things to Look for When Reviewing Your Digital Marketing Agency


Hi. I’m Arnie Kuenn with Vertical Measures.

Today, I’m going to talk about four things that you should look for when evaluating either your current or future digital marketing agency.

Let’s get started!

Number 1: Does the agency practice what they preach?

In other words, if an agency is selling you the benefits of digital marketing, look at them and see if they’re actually practicing and investing in these strategies for themselves. Be sure to ask:

  • Are they producing high-quality useful content on a weekly basis (including video)?
  • Is their site secure and mobile friendly?
  • Do they run paid media (like Facebook, AdWords, and Retargeting)?
  • Do they have lead nurture in place?

A lot of times, if you’ll question them on that, they’re going to say, “Well, we just don’t have enough time, is just kind of the cobbler’s children.” Well, nobody has enough time – You just have to make it a priority.

If it’s supposed to work for you, it should work for them.

Number 2: Are your prospective agencies followers or leaders?

Basically, ask them what they’re doing to become thought leaders in our industry.

Number 3: Will they grow your revenue?

Are the agencies talking to you about rankings and web traffic or how to grow your revenue? Way too many agencies are still cranking out meaningless reports for their clients instead of focusing on what really matters to their clients’ leadership and that’s growing the organization and its revenue.

Trust me, that’s all your CEO cares about.

Number 4: Do they have real processes in place?

Implementing digital marketing is complicated. There can be many, many touch points when just trying to get a piece of content published or implementing a bunch of SEO recommendations.

  • What has your agency done to implement their own processes so that all of this can run smoothly for you?
  • Have they brought in outside consultants? Have they mapped their processes?
  • Have they trained their organization how to move pieces of content or SEO recommendations or paid media through their organization?
  • And, maybe most importantly, do they know how to talk to you about setting up and helping with your processes?

In Summary: Reviewing a Digital Marketing Agency

Check to see if your agency or your perspective agency practices everything it preaches, are industry leaders or followers, are obsessed with growing your business, not just rankings and traffic, and have real processes in place to deliver high quality work on time.

Thanks for watching. I hope these tips were helpful!


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