38 Key Takeaways From the Online Marketing Summit: #OMSPHX

38 Key Takeaways From the Online Marketing Summit: #OMSPHX

This year, OMS will visit 23 cities across the U.S. and Canada and will include 400 expert speakers, exclusive OMI training workshops and countless peer networking opportunities. They kicked off the tour right in here in the Valley of the Sun and several of Vertical Measures employees attended the event as well as our fearless leader Arnie Kuenn presented. We thought we’d share with you what our team’s 38 takeaways from the day were…

1.) The single answer to problems around the world, in your company, and with your marketing efforts – EDUCATION. –Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Connection
Online Marketing Summit Phoenix 2010 Keynote2.) When the current consumer has a problem, they search the internet, read blogs and reviews, consult social networks even if they don’t know the people personally, then engage with the solution directly. –Bill Hunt from Back Azimuth Consulting
3.) If you don’t listen, they will think you are an arrogant bastard! -Maura Ginty from Autodesk
4.) Find your product’s “fan boys” and use them for PR. -Maura Ginty from Autodesk
5.) Use Customer Driven Keyword Taxonomy, integrate globally and don’t forget to coordinate with PR -Maura Ginty from Autodesk
B2B Case Studies and Best Practices:
6.) Map your blueprint and measure against it. Never build a house blind. – Sheila Kloefkorn, from KEO Marketing
7.) 91% of technology decision makers say they are spectators of social media –Sheila Kloefkorn,KEO Marketing
8.) It’s Google’s search engine, therefore they are entitled to make their own rules. –Fionn Downhill from Elixir Interactive
9.) 90% of people don’t know personalized search is happening.-Fionn Downhill, Elixer Interactive
10.) At least 20% of searches are local.- Fionn Downhill, Elixer Interactive
11.) You get what you track for…You can’t manage what you don’t measure…Create content with your existing assets.- Bill Leake, from Apogee Results
B2B Case Studies and Best Practices:
12.) 73% of email recipients report an email as spam from the From: name alone.-Justine Jordan from Exact Target
13.) 11% of email readers read below the scroll (so reward them). -Justine Jordan
14.) Code matters when it comes to Email: Use HTML tables & code like its 1999. There is no excepted standard for coding email. -Justine Jordan, Exact Target
15.) Put the things that are driving your goals at the top left = content hierarchy. Think Function THEN form. -Justine Jordan, Exact Target
16.) Suggest to readers in Welcome email to add you to their “safe senders list” to turn on images, and save your future correspondence from the junk box- Justine Jordan, Exact Target
17.) Stop thinking of web design, and start thinking web presence design.-Katie Van Domelen from Off Madison Avenue
18.) Make sure all of your online presences (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, website) can stand alone AND together.- Katie Van Domelen from Off Madison Avenue
19.) Leveraging content–start with the relationship and client goals, not the tools…get the strategy then utilize the tools to leverage strategy –James Windrow from McMurry
new-yorker-blog-dog-barking20.) Content Marketing:  Define>Design>Develop>Deploy. -James Windrow, McMurry
21.) You should be able to read a blog post in 45 seconds. – Dan Tyre from Hubspot
22.) The best time to post blog is Tuesday morning. The worst time is Friday afternoon. – Dan Tyre
(yes, precisely the time this post went live 😉 We are rebels, aren’t we?)
Lunch Keynote
23.) For you to achieve your goals, customers must first achieve theirs. –Jeffrey Eisenberg from Eisenberg Brothers & Associates
B2C Case Studies and Best Practices
24.) The average online user sees 1800 online ads per day. -Frank Gerstenberger, Audience Science
25.) Brands must behave and engage like people do.” -Brian Haven from, iCrossing
Social Media Integration
26.) If you talk to people the way advertising talked to people they’d punch you in the face. – Steven Groves, from Social Marketing Conversations
27.) The most overlooked links are links between your site’s pages and within the content of those pages.-Arnie Kuenn
28.) #1 position on a search page gets clicked 43% of the time! Natural gets more clicks than –Arnie Kuenn
29.) Search—The world’s largest focus group. –Mike Corak from Tallwave
30.) Just like any other marketing, you have to test your audience for Content Marketing.-Mike Corak, Tallwave

31.) If you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., you are a publisher.-Mike Corak, Tallwave

32.) Package your content for consumption.-Mike Corak, Tallwave 
Afternoon Keynote:
33.) If you are going to do something, don’t half-ass it – go for it all the way.-Lauren Vaccarello from Salesforce
34.) Create landing pages right away – you lose people who expect to find sneakers when they click on your link and end up on a generic ecommerce store homepage.-Lauren Vaccarello, Salesforce
35.) Instead of sending generic messages to the masses in your email marketing campaign, send targeted messages to a smaller group for better results.-David Hibbs from Off Madison Avenue
36.) Creativity in marketing is destroyed if you can only do what is measurable.-Aaron Kahlow, Online Marketing Connection
37.) Google has prioritization issues too!-Frederick Vallaeys from Google Adwords
I’ll wrap up this post, the same way that the Online Marketing Summit wrapped the afternoon keynote question and answer session with a drink order (of course), and off to the Local Association Cocktail Hour!
38.) I don’t know, at this point any alcohol would be fine! –Anonymous Attendee
Did you attend OMS Phoenix this year? What were some of your key takeaways from attending?



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