3 Case Studies on Infographic ROI: Traffic, Engagement, Links

3 Case Studies on Infographic ROI: Traffic, Engagement, Links

You can create an infographic online for free these days. While that may sound appealing, you’re better off spending time or dollars creating something unique and valuable. In fact, “publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t” (Hubspot & AnsonAlex).

Producing a quality infographic takes time and research. It starts with determining a topic that’s worthy of sharing in a graphical way. Think about what your audience is interested in or what would make a shareable piece to generate traffic, leads and links. Then, you’ll want to flesh out your idea. At Vertical Measures, we call this step the “infographic outline” and it includes additional research which is a vital part of making sure an infographic performs for you.

From there, you’ll create the infographic design and supporting introduction copy. When everything is complete, you may have invested 10 to 15 hours on this single piece of content. Do you know if it was all worth it?

What is the ROI of an infographic?

You may be thinking that the time or dollars spent on a single piece of content sounds like a lot, but infographics can create immense value for your business. The resources you put into the content development process can pay for itself if your infographic:

  • Attracts links
  • Creates social engagement
  • Drives traffic to your site
  • Generates leads
  • Expands your brand awareness
  • Builds credibility for your brand

We’ve gathered data from our own infographic blog content into 3 case studies to illustrate the power of this visual form of content.

Case Study #1: Infographic that Generated Social Engagement

Our infographic about the components of a bad infographic design and how to improve it generated an incredible amount of social engagement. On Pinterest, it was pinned over 132,028 times, and one pin alone generated 622 re-pins (as of February 1, 2017). Other noteworthy statistics about this infographic and the value it has created for our agency include:

Infographic that generated social engagement

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Case Study #2: Infographic that Generated Links

We took a look at the top 100 pages on our website that had been linked to by other sites. One piece stood out from the rest: our infographic on “The Authority Building Machine.” This infographic and supporting blog article was published in 2011 and generated 27 referring domains and 56 total links without the help of a link development strategy, meaning that all links grew naturally. It happens to be one of Vertical Measure’s top 20 most linked pages. The links included below are notable because of their high domain and page authority:

infographic that generated links naturally

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Case Study #3: Infographic that Drove Traffic, High Quality Links, and Syndication

This last infographic case study is a little different than the rest. The “4 Steps for Creating Your Digital Measurement Plan” was initially in article form. Our designer later repurposed the article content into an infographic. Have you repurposed existing content into something visually appealing? Some people have a more visual brain, so the graphical format captures their attention. While others, like myself, tend to gravitate towards reading an article instead. The end result of repurposing this content was a shareable infographic design featuring robust supporting content. It took about 15 hours between writing and designing to create this piece, which is a little higher than our typical infographics produced.

Our link development team then spent about 10 hours reaching out to external websites that we felt would be a good fit for this piece of content.  Our efforts paid off; this infographic received 2 links from the outreach effort within editorial placements on ragan.com and buzzplant.com. Doing the math, that’s 1 link per 5 hours.

Vertical Measures’ efforts with repurposing the article into an infographic and link outreach caused a small amount of syndication to happen. These efforts paired with our company and staff’s consistent social sharing habits and our authority in the industry earned a few more referring domains from prdaily.com, sgimpact.com, business2community.com, contentcurationmarketing.com, onlinesalesguidetip.com. In fact, there was a total of 7 unique referring domains generated from this one piece of content within a 4-month timeframe.

infographic that drove content amplification

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Producing quality content should always be top priority when your business engages in content marketing. Making sure your infographics create value for your business should be equally important. If you develop the mindset that infographics take time to produce something of higher quality, these pieces will have a much higher likelihood for link development, engagement, awareness, and traffic success, which in turn will generate leads.

(Big thanks to Dan and Kayla‘s collaboration on this post!)


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