Discover How CRO Can Impact Your Business with a Forecast Calculator

Discover How CRO Can Impact Your Business with a Forecast Calculator

Vertical Measures utilizes Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to make the most of your current traffic by influencing the rate your visitors convert. To highlight how CRO can impact your company’s bottom-line, we created a handy-dandy value forecast calculator to help estimate additional leads and ROI you can expect from a 1-year engagement with our CRO experts.

How do I use the CRO value forecast calculator?

It can be hard to visualize the impact improved conversion rates have on a business, so we made a CRO value forecast calculator. It’s easy to use, even if you don’t know all your exact numbers.

You’ll be able to input your current yearly visitors, current conversion rate and the value of a conversion. If you don’t know your conversion rate, select your industry for the average. Even without knowing exact numbers, this calculator empowers you to see the bigger picture.

Screenshot from the CRO Value Forecast Calculator

Our calculator outputs your current yearly conversions and their current value to your business. To find your estimated future conversion rate, future conversion volume and value after CRO, we increase the current conversion rate by 40% for the calculation. This is the average lift our CRO clients see from a 12-month engagement. Results vary, with some tests seeing an 80% improvement in conversion rate alone.

Screenshot from the CRO Value Forecast Calculator

Once you have your results, you can easily print or save them to show your colleagues. Don’t let your business fall behind in the digital space, give your customers a better experience and start optimizing today!


Are you ready to see how much CRO can boost your business?

Now that we’ve introduced you to our new tool – give it a try! Click the link below and head over to our CRO Value Forecast Calculator to find out just how much conversion rate optimization can impact your company’s bottom-line.

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