Building Your Owned Audience

How an owned audience can become your company’s most valued asset.
Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Arnie Kuenn, founder and CEO of Vertical Measures.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what makes us different than all the other digital marketing agencies out there today. At Vertical Measures, we help our clients build their own audience, and then leverage that audience for real growth.

So, what do we mean when we say, “Build Your Own Audience?”

An audience can be defined as anyone who has engaged with your organization in almost any fashion. But, not all audiences are equal. We have divided them into three tiers:

It usually starts with Tier 3. This is when someone visits your website, and you pixel or cookie them to allow for ad retargeting.

We consider Tier 2 as a non-owned audience such as YouTube subscribers, podcast subscribers, or social media followers. These people are engaged with you, but a third-party actually owns their information. If Twitter disappears tomorrow, so does that audience.

The most valuable audience for you is Tier 1. These are people who’ve provided their personal information to you, such as name, email, job title, and so on.

They’re expressing some level of interest in your organization. For example, this could be blog subscribers, contact forms, LinkedIn connections, and, of course, your existing customers.

This boils down to: Do you want to own or rent your audience?

Tier 3, Tier 2 and basically all forms of advertising, generally means you’re renting your audience – until you convert them to Tier 1, which means you now own them.

Owning your audience means you can reach them at the time and place of your choosing, and it can become one of your company’s biggest assets.

A very simple example would be:

If it costs $50 to gain a brand-new contact for you – and you have a total of 180,000 contacts in your data base – some would say you have an asset valued at $9.0 million. Or consider Dollar Shave Club that recently sold for more than $1 Billion dollars. It’s not that their razors were so great, it’s because the had built a huge, online audience.

This asset is valuable, but how can you leverage it to really grow your revenue?

Well, you can leverage your owned audience in two ways:

First, and most obvious, you can use it to sell your products or services. This would be through something as simple as a monthly newsletter, or something much more complex, like a lead nurture system including audience segmentation and targeting.

Or second, if you build a targeted audience, you can actually sell advertisements or sponsorships inside those newsletters, emails or other outreach.

The more you grow your own audience, your own contact list, the more valuable the asset becomes.

For a no pressure consultation, and to learn how Vertical Measures can help you build YOUR own audience and grow both your revenues and the value of your organization, please call us or fill out the form below. We look forward to chatting with you.

How We Leverage an Owned Audience for Revenue

Luke Ford once said, “In business, if you don’t own the audience, you better own the patent.” And that, friends, is the bottom line.

We all know traditional media is a marketing expense that’s very hard to measure. You’re basically renting the print space, TV commercial or the radio spot and putting it in front of someone else’s audience. When you quit paying, the ads disappear, and so does your branding and lead flow.

Digital advertising is very similar. You’re renting the space on someone else’s website, hoping to get a click-thru to your website. Again, when you quit paying, you are “evicted” from those websites, and sent back to square one.

Organic marketing can come in many forms: search results, social media mentions, likes and followers, links from content, and so on. Many of you may be wondering how this fits into the “renting” category. Didn’t you earn that traffic? Isn’t it free? Well, yes and no.

You certainly did earn it, as it takes a lot of effort to get organic traffic to your website. But it certainly isn’t free. You spent real time and money to receive that traffic. And guess what? When that traffic does hit your amazing website, more than 95% will quickly bounce away, many never to return. That feels rented to us.

An Owned Audience is Your Most Valuable Company Asset

Most of your marketing money is spent on renting an audience – sometimes for just a second or two. However, if you can turn that investment into your own audience, you’re well on your way to building a significant asset for your organization.

Want to build even more value for that asset? There are primarily two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Drive revenue from your owned audience.
  2. Get actual revenue for renting your audience.

Vertical Measures is the very best at helping clients build digital audiences that they own so they can generate revenue from that audience.

More than 97% of website visitors hit your site and leave without engaging (they don’t fill out a form, request pricing, call you, add a comment, etc.) We create strategies to capture their information (even the ones who leave), so you can anticipate the needs of your prospects and be at the right place, at the right time, with the right information, creating a game-changing asset for your company.

We measure everything we do, and our results blow away industry averages. Plus, we utilize every marketing strategy we recommend to grow our own business. Does your agency do that?

Find out how we can help leverage your audience for impressive revenue growth.