Our Approach to Digital Marketing

We Let The Results Do The Talking

Our team starts by creating the plan for your brand’s messaging and how to best reach and convert your target audience. Without a documented strategy, you’re really just using the throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach — and while that might convert on a rare occasion, we’re sure that a strategy based on data and research yields better results.

We test, measure, and learn, taking the performance data and insights with us to shape future strategy. Time and time again, we find that when we align strategy, content and promotion, results exceed expectations.

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The Customer Journey

Although different marketers have their own variation of the customer’s journey, Vertical Measures considers four key benchmarks:


  1. Awareness: Your audience will become aware of a need and begin using search engines to find an answer. At this stage, they’re becoming aware of their options that solve their current challenge.
  2. Consideration: Your customer’s will most likely have a clearly defined goal or challenge. They’re currently using search engines to continue their research and evaluate their options before making a buying decision.
  3. Decision: Your customers have evaluated their options and identified your products/services as a viable option to solve their challenge. They’re deciding on which product or service to purchase, and from whom, and will soon convert to a paying customer.
  4. Advocacy: You’ve successfully gained a new customer by directing them through the sales funnel and becoming a trusted partner for them. Now it’s time for them to become an advocate for your brand enticing others to utilize your products or services and possibly purchase even more from you.

Depending on your industry or customer’s journey, the time it takes to get your audience from the awareness stage to the advocate stage may vary. In fact, each journey may be different depending on what type of content you have available and how it’s promoted (whether digitally or traditionally).

The Vertical Measures team establishes a winning digital marketing strategy (and backs it up with measurement at each stage) around the customer journey so you can reach potential customers with the right content, at the right time, to generate real revenue for your business.

Develop a strategy around the customer journey to maximize your marketing ROI.

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Build Your Own Audience

Most marketers are concerned about getting many eyeballs on their brand, growing traffic to their website and seeing at least a modest return on their marketing investment – if they can track it. Too often, they look at their marketing as an expense. But, what if you could turn your marketing into one of your company’s biggest assets? What if you owned the audience instead of renting it?

An audience can be defined as anyone who has engaged with your organization in almost any fashion. Ideally, the engagement leads to an individual providing some personal information about themselves such as their name, business email address, job title and company name – that’s an owned audience.

Below is our view of an audience hierarchy:

Most of your marketing money is spent on renting an audience (advertising) – sometimes for just a second or two. However, if you can turn that investment into your own audience, you’re well on your way to building a significant asset for your organization.

In fact, according to a Salesforce and LinkedIn study, the average B2B company has a database of 50,000 individuals and spends an average of $150 to acquire a single email address. This means the email database (the owned audience) alone is worth $7.5 million, likely making it the largest asset under a marketer’s control, and in some cases, the company’s largest asset.

The Vertical Measures team uses their collection of marketing tools and techniques to turn initial engagement with your audience into a true asset for your company.

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