New E-Book Bundle Helps Companies Refresh their Digital Strategy

Future of SEO TrendsVertical Measures announces the release of an in-depth content bundle that will help revamp your entire digital marketing strategy.

How can a business set itself apart from the competition in a crowded digital space? Vertical Measures has an answer to that question with their new content bundle that features e-books spanning the entire spectrum of digital marketing including content marketing, SEO, PPC and a handful of valuable templates and checklists.

By downloading this free bundle, Vertical Measures will provide digital marketers with a step-by-step process on how to refresh their processes while instituting all the best tried-and-true industry practices known today.

No matter if a website is run by an individual or if it’s a Fortune 500 company, proper digital marketing strategies are essential to a website’s success. Each e-book in this bundle was created by Vertical Measures’ internal experts and will help to prepare marketers and business owners with practical action steps they can take to gain an edge in the world of internet marketing.

The E-Book Bundle: Your Complete Digital Marketing Revamp Kit features four digital marketing eBooks including:

  • The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 & Beyond
  • Content Marketing Strategy Template & Checklist
  • 90-Day Content Marketing Course-Correction Plan
  • How to Track Revenue from PPC Leads to Offline Sales

Plus a bonus download:

  • Content Editorial Calendar Template

By utilizing this bundle of valuable information, revamping an entire digital marketing strategy is in the palm of your hands.