A Guide to SEO in 2017 with Expert Predictions & 10 Trends

Future of SEO Trends

Vertical Measures announces the release of an in-depth perspective on the future of SEO trends in 2017, containing expert predictions from Julie Joyce, Eric Enge, and more.

SEO is an essential element of a brand’s digital footprint in today’s online world. This is true for businesses large and small, B2B or B2C. But what will 2017 bring in the fast-changing landscape of search engine optimization? That’s what Vertical Measures explores in their free downloadable guide just launched, titled The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 & Beyond.

At the core of any SEO trend is the search behemoth: Google. They will continue to throw curveballs this year, so it’s increasingly important for webmasters to have quality content on their websites, and understand the scare tactics Google will inevitably use. This guide prepares marketers and business owners with practical action steps they can take to gain momentum in the world of search.

Created by the SEO team at Vertical Measures, ‘The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 and Beyond’ provides a snapshot of how to navigate the search landscape in the coming year, covering topics including:

  • 10 Forecasted SEO Trends for 2017
  • How Voice Search Will Dominate
  • The Rising Significance of AMP and the Mobile Index
  • Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Marketers
  • The Use of Microdata and Rich Snippets
  • Strategies to Improve Existing Content Rankings

6 SEO experts including Julie Joyce, Will Scott (CEO of Search Influence), Alan Bleiweiss, Michael King (Founder of iPullRank), Greg Gifford, Eric Enge (CEO of Stone Temple) contribute their own expert predictions within the free guide.

“SEO is often misunderstood or perceived in a simplistic way,” says Quinn Whissen, Director of Marketing at Vertical Measures. “It’s not as simple as including a few target keywords on your web pages anymore. SEO in 2017 is about truly understanding a searcher’s intent, and providing them with the most valuable answers on the web. There are technical considerations to think about, too – things like microdata, the mobile index, AMP, and voice search will rise in prominence this year. Search has become more predictive, more conversational, and more personalized than ever before, so 2017 will be about digging into how a brand’s audience interacts both with their content and with Google. When an organization can marry these two insights together, they will have the start of a powerful, future-proof SEO strategy.”

Step into the future and download a copy of The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 and Beyond today!