Stephen Roda

Marketing Data Analyst

Stephen started at Vertical Measures back in 2014 and now oversees measurement and analytics to make sure that our services are having the largest, positive effect for our clients. He works diligently to provide the measure in Vertical Measures by performing analytics audits, creating reports that tell the story of a client’s success, and identifying opportunities to make insightful changes that turn into meaningful business improvements.

He loves what he does and will continue learning and applying that knowledge to improve our clients’ business.

Stephen is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and is frequently asked questions about our neighbors to the north. At the office he is President of our company Toastmasters club, Vertical Toasters, and host of our annual awards show, The Vemmys. Outside of the office, Stephen enjoys software development, playing video games, and channeling his inner Harry Caray by drinking ice, cold Budweiser.

He claims to have briefly seen the entire Internet once, maybe twice.