Seth Nickerson

Senior SEO Strategist

Seth Nickerson cut his digital marketing teeth when the Internet still had training wheels (Mosaic anyone?). He was sitting in a TV station newsroom in Portland, Oregon when his career in SEO began with a simple question: “How did we get this traffic to the website and how can we get more of it?” He knew that SEO was something worth pursuing because winning at organic search can be a game changing experience for any business.

Fast forward to today; Seth is still a consummate student of search. There is now a widely accepted set of SEO Best Practices that serve as the cornerstone the SEO strategies he develops for clients. He firmly believes that thoughtful experimentation is key to any SEO effort, and those efforts pay off with growth in organic site traffic, conversions, and sales.

Seth Nickerson wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s passionate about a lot of different things: the outdoors, cooking, mountain biking and fishing.

He’s worn a lot of hats professionally: web producer, video editor, website designer, triathlon coach, and beverage wholesaler. But the role he’s most proud of is: father. He and his wife Sarah have a son and daughter that keep them extremely busy and on their toes. He’s also a proud graduate of Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and an Idaho native.