Rosie McShane


SEO Link Specialist

When Rosie was in high school, she spent her free time making six-second videos on Vine (rip). She was certain she was destined for a life of Vine-fame. As she grew up, however, she realized this disillusioned dream was actually pointing her toward a greater passion: digital marketing.

Today, Rosie uses her creativity and eye for detail to build links for Vertical Measures’ clients as an SEO Link Specialist. Rosie has experience in writing, social media strategy and campaign development. What really gets her wheels turning is research and strategy. She loves uncovering and applying insights that can transform a brand.

When she’s not in the office, Rosie enjoys hanging out with friends and family, lounging in coffee shops, traveling, eating dessert and staying active so she can eat more dessert. Rosie is a proud graduate of Benedictine College in Kansas, where she studied marketing and played soccer. Ravensaaa!