Nantale Muwonge

Content Manager

Nantale has been working in content since she got her start as a Junior Editor at Namibia’s oldest daily newspaper, Die Allgemeine Zeitung. She went from newspaper, to radio, to online platforms, and has been thriving in this space ever since. She’s worked with hospitality brands, advocacy groups, women’s lifestyle outlets, and technology companies; more recently focusing on projects with members of She Leads Africa and Tech Ladies. Writing is her absolute favorite and adapting messaging to the medium is her specialty.

Nantale is solar-powered and completely obsessed with unicorns. She enjoys yelling compliments at people on Instagram, music and travelling. When she’s home on the weekends she’s a Level 7 Halfling Bard with a magical lyre, but during the week she’s mostly a wordsmith. Oh, and her favorite color is rainbow.