Megan Krause


Senior Content Manager

Megan is a content manager at Vertical Measures, where she helps clients build and monetize their audiences with content. She handles ideation, content creation, implementation and optimization for clients, and she pitches in on strategy and user experience as well. She joined the company with 15 years’ experience, first in journalism and then in marketing and content writing and editing roles. Megan is passionate about words, language, grammar, punctuation and style, and she loves helping companies create great content that drives leads and boosts conversions.

She’s an enigma, people. OK, not really. Megan is a mom, a writer, a native New Yorker, a diehard indoors enthusiast and a big-time goofball. She loves what she does for a living and believes she is perfectly suited to life in content – but if she weren’t doing this, she’d study world religion, become a librarian and get a master’s in creative writing. Oh and anthropology. Maybe history. Her favorite writers are Ernest Hemingway, Flannery O’Connor and Joyce Carol Oates. She loves life, and she’s a firm believer that it loves her right back. Finally and most importantly, she’s a mom to two amazing teens, Casey and Noelle, and two pretty awesome cats, Archer and Petunia.