Kathy Morgan


Office Administrator

In the mid-90’s, when the question changed from, “Why do I need a website?” to “I really need a website,” Ms. Morgan was teaching IT and Marketing Managers for major business entities how to join the online revolution by guiding them through on-hands training classes based out of several software training centers. As interest in the internet grew, Ms. Morgan began traveling nationally as a speaker on internet principles and website design for the American Management Association. She was a featured guest speaker at various conferences and seminars, participating in video productions and radio programs to help provide insights on web basics and internet protocols to an ever-growing, curious crowd of professionals.

When Google came onto the digital scene, Ms. Morgan shifted her career focus to online search marketing and began working with digital marketing agencies. As a project manager and account manager, she led agency digital marketing programs for B2B and B2C Fortune 500 companies, providing organic and paid media, social media, email/lifecycle, site design, and/or content marketing strategy.

Moving into agency Operations, she now focuses on office management for Vertical Measures, and puts her experience in digital marketing to use also providing special project assistance to her agency team members.

Kathy has been to Cancun, Mexico 5 times, enjoying the powder-soft sand that never gets hot on the beautiful beaches, the have-to-see-it-to-believe-it turquoise water, and rockin’ the Coco Bongo Club until 5am on every trip. She spends her free time socializing with her Singles group and enjoying the sci-fi/fantasy and action-adventure genre through movies, books, and action-figure collectibles. Her current DVD library houses well over 500 titles; she is a self-confessed 80’s fan, a (Doctor) Whovian from way back, and a rabid (Harry) Potterhead fan (Go Gryffindor!).