Kate Gearin


Information Designer

As an Information Designer, Kate designs multiple aspects of a brand while managing it with a view for the future. Kate strongly believes in the iteration aspect of design, deeming that the only way an idea becomes great is with feedback, collaboration and continuous iteration.

Studying Visual Communication/Information Technologies at Arizona State University, Kate acquired a skill set that allows her to create visual solutions to information, strategy, and data based-problems. She’s contributed to projects rooted in storytelling, presentational design and data visualization.  As a data-nerd, she’s likely searching for large datasets or designing new visualization with an existing one. As an illustrator, Kate comes with abilities in both blackline work and digital painting. She manages to encompass some of her humor into each piece often decorating the VM fridge with her latest piece of artwork.

When not drawing, designing or creating you will find Kate summiting her next mountain, looking for a puppy to adopt and hanging out with her kitten, Little who shares Kate’s enthusiasm for naps and just the right amount of sarcasm. A Boston sports fan, documentary aficionado, silver lining finder and design junkie, Kate brings her humor and passion to everything she does.

Follow Kate on Instagram: @irish.kate