Daniel Dannenberg

Creative Manager

Daniel is the creative manager at Vertical Measures, where he helps direct the creative side of projects like infographics, ebooks, videos and more. With close to 13 years working as a graphic designer and creating logos and print materials, Daniel has expanded his love of design into UX, writing, video, web development, brainstorming and CRO. His passion for design is rooted in a foundation comprising of strong typography mixed with appropriate visuals to increase comprehension and the overall user experience with his work. Daniel’s enthusiastic approach to design begins with wanting to be a helpful team player to coworkers, a creative tour-de-force by pushing himself and others to think outside the box and to deliver the best possible outcome of a project to our clients.

If you didn’t find Daniel working, you would probably find him camping. Well, that’s partially true. Though his love for camping is imposing, his family is his first priority and Daniel loves spending time with his wife and daughters (bonus points when we go camping). He considers himself lucky to find himself working on what he is passionate about with design, but also loves music.

At one point he took a three year detour off his design journey to work as a programmer in a recording studio and travel as an audio/visual technician contractor for the white house. Music has always been a creative outlet and Daniel often finds himself looking forward to new release Fridays so he can hunt down something new to listen too.