Brad Kuenn

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager at Vertical Measures, Brad manages internal inbound marketing and acts as senior editor for the website. Brad’s responsible for ensuring that content efficiently reaches established goals, delivers optimum results, and aligns with Vertical Measures values.

He works across departments, collaborating with our subject-matter experts to build a holistic digital marketing strategy that practices what we preach. He is the co-author of Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform Your Business, and has extensive knowledge in digital marketing best practices. His attention to detail and creativity is a valuable asset and shines through in his work.

When Brad isn’t in the office, he enjoys gardening, live music, cheering for the Suns, Cardinals and Dbacks – and of course – spending time with his family, Vanessa and Noah.

Most of his activities are solely focused on distracting himself from the latest Star Wars spoilers, and watching his once beloved Batman comics slowly rot within the cinematic universe. He adamantly and bravely continues his boycott of lazy content, Facebook, and a local burrito shop.