Andi Kuenn

Executive Vice President

Andi Kuenn is the Executive Vice President for Vertical Measures. Andi has held accounting, HR and finance positions in the companies she and her husband Arnie Kuenn have grown together for more than 30 years. Andi has always had an active role in company procedures including payroll, HR duties and general finance.

At Vertical Measures, Andi is responsible for leading all aspects of human resources to ensure Vertical Measures’ culture and values are consistently in line with the company’s mission.

Clients should contact Andi regarding any billing questions as she and her team process the client invoices each month. She may also be contacted for any open positions including Vertical Measures’ internship program. A program which she continues to embrace and improve. Her expertise in both HR and finance has contributed significantly to the growth and success of Vertical Measures.

Andi loves to spend time with her friends and family. She loves to travel and will try and accompany Arnie on as many of his trips as she can. Arnie has a passion for boats and they hope to own one someday!