Interactive Content Increases Conversions 130% in One Month

A healthcare client was using a self-evaluation form that helped users determine the best solution for improving their eyesight. 


Our Challenge:

The client’s form was long, it wasn’t fun to complete (bad user experience), and it didn’t give results at the end of the self-evaluation. The client’s goal with the form was for users to submit a request for consultation, but there was a 61% exit rate once users hit the “thank you page” of the form.

Our Goals: 

  • Increase conversion rates for self-evaluations 
  • Increase conversion volume for consultation requests

Our Strategy

We replaced the multi-step quiz with one question at a time that shows a progress bar as the user answers the questions. At the end of the quiz, the thank-you page now gives users an indication of the type of corrective procedure they may benefit from. It invites users to request a consultation from the healthcare provider.



  • Self-evaluation conversion rate increased 130% 
  • Self-evaluation conversion volume increased 84% 
  • Requests for consultations increased 81%
  • Interactive content created 36 additional leads in 28 days

Why It Worked

We put the user’s need first and created a better self-evaluation experience. We know that “information is currency,” and users are willing to provide an email address if they feel they’re getting something of value in return. The self-evaluation provides valuable information in the form of a suggested vision correction procedure. 

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