Fortune 100 Company Seeks to Quickly Repurpose 1,000+ Pieces of Content, Reach New Audience

A well-known shipping and logistics provider came to Vertical Measures to cost-effectively repurpose more than 1,000 pieces of content.


Why Should I Use A Hub & Spoke?

Using a hub-and-spoke model will generate leads and push target audience through the customer journey with the goal of converting self-service small business customers into long-term account-based customers.

Client Goals:

  1. Repurpose content to create a self-service experience for an under-served market: small businesses
  2. Convert self-service small business customers into long-term account-based customers

Our Strategy

  • Hub: A conversion page designed to be a one-stop shop that answers a set of common questions (i.e. international shipping, eCommerce tips for small business)
  • Spokes: A set of articles, social media shares, email lead nurtures, infographics, and videos designed to drive traffic to the hubs


  • 86 pieces of repurposed content
  • 248 production hours
  • 8 hours per piece of content, average
  • 2-month turnaround time

Why It Worked

  • Client had a clear understanding of target audience and what it wanted them to do.
  • Our point of contact had executive buy-in and understood the value of repurposing content.

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