B2C Company Reduces Cost Per Lead 57%, Increases Lead Volume 79%

A midsize B2C company came to Vertical Measures looking to reduce their cost per click and cost per lead, and increase overall sales through paid and organic channels.


Our Strategy

  • Analyzed client’s current Adwords keyword level bidding strategy
  • Recommended and implemented revised bidding strategy to optimize keyword positions
  • Reduced target cost per lead month over month and in line with trending data
  • Revealed the ideal position for converting keywords in terms of bid, position, and conversion rate


  • 57% reduction in cost per lead
  • 79% increase in lead volume
  • 41% decrease in cost per click
  • 27% increase in conversion rate

Why It Worked

  • The client bought into a new bidding strategy based on our educational approach and forecasts
  • We used monthly reporting updates to demonstrate performance trends and plan changes to strategies
  • Our bidding strategy modifications capitalized on trending performance metrics

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