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Our Years Of Experience

For over a decade, Vertical Measures has steadily grown with a singular goal in mind: to help our clients drive real results online. Our team is now over 60-people strong, and every one of us works to embody our company values and culture every day.

We have a big sense of humor, are #inittogether, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. All the while, we’re doing some serious work for our clients. We have designers, writers, SEOs, analysts, and more amidst our ranks, but when it all comes down to it, we identify as one thing: digital marketers with a passion to transform businesses.

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Our Values

The Vertical Measures team put their heads together and drafted 8 company values that encapsulate what we aim to accomplish each day. With these values, we stay motivated to not only reach our goals but continue to innovate the digital marketing industry.

Humble - We check our egos at the door and let our results do the talking.

Do the right thing - We choose our actions with intention, we do what is right, not necessarily what is easy.

Embrace change - We accept change with a positive attitude and as an opportunity for growth, not as an obstacle.

Humor - Make our work and our days better with laughs and humor.

In it together - No matter the obstacle, challenge, task or deliverable, act as a nimble team and work together for the greater good of each other and our clients.

Helpful - Provide services that are immediately helpful and actionable. Pitch in, without question.

Insightful - Leverage and share our digital expertise to provide great value to clients. Dig deep to draw meaningful conclusions ahead of others.

Improve each day - Individually, and as a whole, look to continually improve ourselves and what we do each day.

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