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Vertical Measures delivers a customized approach for our clients through the application of our expertise to a variety of internet marketing services. Our unique approach combines tactics of search, social and content marketing, improving business’ online presence. As a result, clients experience higher levels of qualified site visitors and greater sales conversion rates. Each of our clients has a unique goal whether its traffic, branding or sales, our services are not one size fits all. Depending on the goal, we create customized campaigns to achieve those goals.

At Vertical Measures, we get to know you first. Each client has a campaign manager and team dedicated to evaluating a business’ current state and assets to see how we best fit into the puzzle and then seeing the campaign through. We continue to evaluate along the way, ensuring that our tactics are resulting in the client’s desired success.

Our unique approach is broken down into eight steps including; developing a strategy, performing keyword and market research, developing great content, optimizing that content, promoting it through a variety of tactics including social media, distributing via appropriate channels, building links and then measuring results.

In addition to these  services, we want to educate our clients and the community. We offer tons of resources including; webinars, white papers, guides, tutorial videos, workshops, consulting and in-person training.


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